10 Things You Don’t Know about Slip and Fall Accidents

Lets Look at the Facts

There’s a good likelihood almost everyone will experience a slip and fall or a trip and fall accident at some point in their life. With luck, the accident will be nothing more than an embarrassing thing that happened. Maybe the accident will even make a funny story one day. Unfortunately, many slip, trip, and fall accidents are not humorous at all.

These accidents commonly cause emergency room visits in the United States and often involve serious, life-changing injuries. Even though slip and fall accidents are so common, there are many surprising facts many people don’t know that seriously impact the outcome.

Our personal injury attorneys dedicate their lives to getting just compensation for Pennsylvanians injured in accidents that were not their fault. We see far too many slip, trip, and fall accidents each year. One of the most important things anyone hurt in a slip and fall accident should remember is help is just a message away. Our skilled injury attorneys know the laws of Pennsylvania and make sure our clients get the respect, medical care, and compensation they deserve.

Why These Facts Matter

The fact is many people underestimate the seriousness of slip and fall or trip and fall accidents. We see people who are seriously injured all the time who are afraid they don’t have a claim, or are ashamed of the injury. Our attorneys know even a minor injury can have major consequences to your life and health, and often impact your work, family, and earnings. It’s important to understand the facts about slip, trip, and fall injuries.

Fact #1: Fall Accidents are the Leading Cause of Hospital Visits

According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), 21 percent of emergency room visits are for falls. An additional 12 percent of visits are to treat slip, trip, and fall injuries. That’s more than 9 million people each year suffering injuries from a slip, trip, or fall accident. Many injuries are relatively minor and involve soft-tissue injuries. But it’s a surprising fact that falls account for 87 percent of fractures for people over 65. It’s also a fact half of the people suffering hip fractures due to a fall are unable to return home.

Fact #2: Slip and Fall Injuries are the Leading Worker’s Compensation Claim

Often, slip and fall accidents happen in occupational situations. Employees injured in slip and fall accidents while working are entitled to compensation through the Worker’s Compensation program. The program is a no-fault system designed to get workers the medical care they need. Worker’s Comp pays for most medical bills and covers some lost wages, but does not allow the injured worker to sue the employer for additional losses. Slick floors cause slip and fall injuries in 85 percent of all worker claims each year according to NFSI. The average slip and fall injury at work results in a loss of 11 days of work, and an additional 22 percent cause 31 days or more of lost time.  In some instances, injured workers may be able to file both a worker’s compensation claim and file a third-party lawsuit against another responsible party. Claims involving worker’s comp and a third-party are immensely complex, but can provide significantly larger settlements to injured people.

Fact 3: Work-Related Slip and Fall Injuries are Underreported

Even though slip, trip, and fall injuries lead the number of worker’s compensation claims, there is compelling evidence that hundreds of thousands of injuries are not reported to employers each year. There are many reasons employees do not file a claim for worker’s compensation coverage when they are injured in a slip, trip, and fall accident at work. The fact is, almost every worker has access to benefits through the program. Not only is it illegal for employers to refuse to file worker’s compensation claims, employees have robust protections in place to ensure retaliation at work does not happen. Many workers are afraid filing a claim for injury will hurt their chances at promotions or get them in trouble at work. We hear from lots of workers who did not file a claim when the accident happens only to realize months later the injury they suffer is serious. Reporting your injury is important, and any effort by an employer to get back at workers can lead to serious legal claims.

Fact #4: Slip and Fall Accidents Often Involve Numerous Defendants

One of the most common things our attorneys hear from injured Philadelphia residents is that the responsible person lacks adequate coverage for their injury. Did you know that in many cases, numerous people can bear responsibility for causing a slip, trip, and fall accident. This is where the services of a skilled personal injury attorney really come in handy. Our team members are experts at identifying every possible party. We ensure that claims are filed so our clients may receive the most coverage possible. We leave no stone unturned in the effort to maximize coverage for our clients.

Fact #5: Falls are the Leading Cause of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Concussions are frequently the result of falls. Even a minor trip and fall over a rug can cause the victim to strike their head. Traumatic brain injuries can be difficult to diagnose and often do not show symptoms for hours or days after the injury. Symptoms can include distorted vision, dizziness, headaches, and other maladies. Victims of head injuries are at a heightened risk of stroke, brain hemorrhage, and long-term damage. Traumatic brain injuries can cause permanent changes in mood, speech, behavior, and movement, and are associated with decreases in life expectancy. Falls account for 12 percent of head injury deaths in the United States.

Fact #6: Slip and Fall Injuries Cost Over $40,000

The surprising fact about common slip and fall injuries is the high cost of treatment. Slip and fall injuries can involve sprains and tears that require therapy, but around five percent involve fractures. Broken bones in the ankles and legs can require surgery preventing victims from walking for many weeks. It’s understandable that treatment and loss of work would easily exceed $40,000, but did you know that even a minor sprain can easily cost that much? The fact is that medical care is expensive. Without coverage or insurance, injured people face financial ruin resulting from medical bills. That’s why it is essential to retain council with direct experience winning personal injury slip and fall cases. Many insurance companies will offer a lump sum payment that seems like a good deal. Often, these payments do not take into account the numerous types of treatment and long-term costs of an injury, leaving the victim with unpaid medical bills or substandard care.

Fact #7: Premises Liability Law Protects You in Parking Lots

Trip and fall injuries are common in parking lots all over Philadelphia. These injuries are caused by unexpected changes in elevation. It’s remarkably easy to trip on loose asphalt, unpainted parking stops, broken concrete curbs, and the injured person frequently can make a claim. The process may seem terrifying for most people, but our injury attorneys excel at litigating resolutions to injury claims without creating enemies of neighbors, friends, and associates.  Premises liability is a complex area of law in Pennsylvania. Navigating the process with tact is our specialty. We get our clients the compensation they deserve with compassion and understanding throughout the process.

Fact #8: Good Lawyers Rarely Go To Court

Only around 2 percent of slip and fall injury claims end up before a court. That means almost all personal injury slip, trip, and fall claims are settled out of court. There are many ways insurance companies can take advantage of rules and decisions to encourage victims to accept a settlement. Many injured people decide to handle injury claims without representation, but unfortunately, only a few of these people get the compensation they are entitled to receive. A personal injury attorney increases your chance of getting a good settlement. A good injury attorney will very rarely go to court; the insurance company will meet terms in your favor to avoid further litigation.

Fact #9: Time is of the Essence

One of the biggest mistakes that happens in slip and fall claims is when an injured person delays treatment of an injury in the hope it will get better. Many claimants find their awards to be lower when they delay filing an accident claim and seeking treatment. Not only are claims more difficult to pursue, but the injury is more likely to heal improperly and cause long-term pain and suffering. The fact is that acting quickly to treat an injury has a better outcome.  Claims for injuries caused  by slip, trip, and fall accidents have strict filing deadlines. It is all too common for people injured in a slip and fall accident to delay filing claims to the point the statute of limitations has lapsed. Hiring a personal injury attorney to handle a claim is the best way to make sure the claim is filed correctly, completely, and on time.

Fact #10: Slip and Fall Accidents are Preventable

Every slip, trip, or fall accident begins with a preventable situation. Perhaps a sidewalk should have been repaired, or spilled liquid should have been mopped up. In every scenario, simple steps would have prevented the hazardous situation. This fact is one of the reasons our attorneys fight for injured Pennsylvanians. If no one is held accountable for failing to prevent dangers, more people will be injured. We want to see all slip, trip, and fall injuries prevented.  It is our responsibility to hold someone accountable for your injury. We do the uncomfortable, difficult, and boring work that ensures you get the maximum benefit you deserve. Our goal is to help injured Philadelphians to recover from trip and fall or slip and fall accidents free of stress and worry.


The biggest fact of all is that slip, trip, and fall claims are complicated. Insurance companies will do the best they can to reduce the amount of money they have to pay out to injured claimants. While insurance company representatives may seem like they are on your side, they rarely are. Hiring a personal injury attorney to handle your claim prevents the insurance agents from using loopholes in the law to reduce the settlement or deny injured people medical coverage they need.  Our personal injury attorneys are experts at negotiating just settlements for our clients. We understand how to make sure your rights are respected throughout the process. When you hire our personal injury lawyers to litigate your slip and fall, you get proven results. If we can’t win your case, you won’t owe a dime. That’s our guarantee. Our staff is available for free consultation to discuss the facts of your case and advise you about the next steps.

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