Our Law Offices Annual Scholarship 2016

At Our Law Offices, we appreciate how difficult it can be to afford an education. Between tuition, fees, supplies, books, and general living expenses, most students or their families have to take out significant student loans to pay for school.

We believe that financial limitations should not keep deserving students from getting a good education. Therefore, we are announcing the second annual scholarship for college or graduate students. The 2016 Scholarship will have three winners: a First Place Prize of $1000, a Second Place Prize of $350, and a Third Place Prize of $150.

How To Apply

To apply for the scholarship, interested students should submit an essay between 500 and 750 words to scholarship@phillyaccidentlawyer.com.

The essay must discuss the following issue:

Speeding is a common traffic violation, but it can have serious consequences for drivers who are caught speeding. Your task is to write an essay about the consequences of speeding that can inform drivers of the dangers of speeding and persuade them to follow the speed limit at all times. Your essay can focus on the legal consequences of speeding, the safety consequences of speeding, or a combination of the two.

Please write your essay in 12-point font, double spaced, submitted as a Microsoft Word document or as a PDF file. In addition, please include a brief paragraph (not included in the word count) describing the school program you are attending or are planning to attend. The scholarship is open to students pursuing all degrees or majors in any field.

The Selection Process

Once all submissions have been received, we will select three finalists based on the content of the essays, especially focusing on the persuasiveness of the essays. We will post the names of the finalists on our website and our social media pages.

The finalists job will be to promote their efforts by sharing their essay using social media. Because effective use of social media is increasingly important in any field, anyone can benefit from learning to use it to their advantage. So, be creative and resourceful in attracting attention to your essay through a wide variety of social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The finalists who generate the most social media attention for their essays through likes and shares will be awarded the three available scholarships.

Application Checklist

  • Applications must be received by Monday, July 4, 2016 at 5 PM.
  • Applications should be emailed to scholarship@phillyaccidentlawyer.com with the essay attached.
  • The email should include your: your name, address, phone number, and an alternate email address if applicable..

We are excited to read your submissions. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at 215 735 4800 or on our website at http://phillyaccidentlawyer.com/contact-us/.