One fatality was reported following a crash in North Middleton Township as emergency crews immediately responded and learned that there was one dead following the accident.

Early Friday morning, Police answered a call following a crash incident. Based on their record, the crash took place at about 2:30 oclock in the morning near Block 1300 of in the Twp.Waggoners Gap Road. A vehicle for unknown reason ran off the road and hit some parked cars along the driveway. It continued running and then was caught on fire.

The driver of the vehicle who remained unidentified was killed instantaneously. Police have not released an identity. No one else was injured. More details will be out as soon as they become available.

According to the report of the Township Police of North Middleton, the mishap occurred at around 2:30 oclock in the morning at the vicinity pf 1300 block in the Gap Road of Waggoners. Along the way, a vehicle ran off the road into the cars parked along the driveway and then burst into flame.

Coroner Charley Hall of Cumberland County said they are not able to identify the driver to the fire. Hall said they will have to check on the dental records. The extent of the drivers injury was such that he was beyond recognition. The only option was to check on his dental records.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Route 74 located between Old Gap Road and Shatto Drive will be closed. Authorities decided to close Waggoners gap Road to avoid traffic jam. For 2 hours no vehicle was allowed to pass as the police conducted their investigation.

The driver of the vehicle who remained unidentified was killed instantaneously. Police have not released an identity. No one else was injured.

Police in North Middleton Township said they are attempting to identify the driver of vehicle that died in a fiery crash early Friday morning. The incident happened at ?2:30 oclock Friday morning near Block 1300 block of Waggoners Gap Road. This road is also known as Route 74, police stated.

According to the police, the operator of the vehicle hit a number of cars along the way; until the runaway vehicle caught fire that included two others cars near by.

Police reached the scene and saw three vehicles damaged and a fire near a barn with a house along the northern part of the lane. The officer discovered that the driver of the striking vehicle already deceased. Authorities were unable to identify the driver due to the extent of his injuries.

Actively participating in the rescue were the fire crews from Carlisle Fire and Rescue, North Middleton Township and the Union Fire Company. The Cumberland Goodwill EMS responded to the scene and assisted in the investigation. The police said they are still looking into the cause of the crash, as well as the identity of the victim.

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