Philadelphia ? Police report that an operator of a car was hit and killed by another driver following a car accident. The tragedy involving the two drivers happened last Thursday morning when a risky driver did not pay attention to a red light and struck another car that resulted to the death of the driver.

According to the authorities, the accident happened at around 6:15 oclock in the morning along the intersection of Washington Lane and Cheltenham Ave., just in the vicinity of West Oak Lane.

The victim was a 56-year-old male but his resident was not stated. Sustaining serious injuries, the victim was delivered to the Einstein Hospital by paramedics. Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead shortly before 7:00 oclock that morning.

As a precaution, the driver of the striking vehicle was injured and was also taken to the hospital, the police say.

Due to the mishap, authorities had to close Cheltenham Avenues eastbound and westbound traffic on Cheltenham Avenue to avoid a traffic jam. They also decided to shut down Washington Lanes northbound and southbound traffic.

Based on statistics, intersection of Washington Lane and Cheltenham Ave. has not included as the most common crash sites in Philly. Although for the past years, a few accidents were recorded.

In the metropolis, one common moving violation on record is running a red light or stop sign. In fact this is one popular ways for police officers to meet their monthly ticket quotas. Drivers are informed regarding the basics on the enforcement, defenses and penalties for this type of offense in Philadelphia.

The penalty for running from a red light or stop sign or red light is minimum amount of fine for $25 – $100 fine. This is equivalent to 3 points added to the drivers record.. Photo tickets for red light are a maximum amount of $100 but no added points. Changes in fines happen from time-to-time over and they are different by county.

As it is allowed in most cities, drivers are allowed to make a turn on a red light in certain situations. This happens when there is no sign stating that turning ?right on red prohibited and that it is safe and no danger to do so under the circumstances.

The police are still in the process of investigation. Actually identities of the victim and the alleged culprit have not been divulged to the public. The authorities have to contact nearest kin of the victim. No statement is given if a bail is allowed.

More information on the latest development of the case will be out as soon as investigation is complete. For other details, interest party will contact Philadelphia Police Department.

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