Roxborough ? Head-on collision of two vehicles claimed another life today. Although authorities claimed that the deadly crash was the unavoidable consequence of foul weather. Police say that for many days rain has made roads sleek and slippery that was the right setting for a mishap. Bad weather was the culprit to a deadly crash that took one life in Roxborough section, Philadelphia.

Police officials said that they were informed of an accident that occurred at around 3:30 oclock Friday after alone Henry Ave. in the vicinity of Barnes Street.

According to the police, a male driver in his 60s was operating his white vehicle going northward on Henry Ave. when his vehicle was out of control and collided head-on with a SUV vehicle running towards the opposite direction. Witnesses claimed that they saw a white car seemingly out of control crashed into an SUV.

The driver sustained life-threatening injuries due to the impact of the crash. He was taken to Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia where he later expired due to accidental trauma and serious damages. The operator of the other SUV was a woman in her mid-20. She appeared to be in serious condition and was delivered to the Temple University Hospital -Philadelphia by the paramedics. Until now, there is no release of her present condition.

Police considered the weather as a factor leading to the crash since the roads were wet and slippery as rain was falling before and during the time of the crash.

The driver of the SUV was female in her mid-20s, was rushed to Hospital of Temple University in Philadelphia in critical condition..

Tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding and other weather related catastrophes are violent and panic-provoking. These violent visuals show the horrible deaths of many victims and the unrecoverable damages done to properties. But you will concur to the statement that weather-related vehicle accidents have contribute a much larger number of fatalities in the U.S. compared to all three of those weather phenomena combined.

According to AccuWeather reports, car accidents due to bad weather are much more dangerous compared to severe weather events. They bring on more deaths annually than fatalities due to lightning, flooding, tornadoes and hurricanes combined

Just take note of this data: Icy roads, heavy rains and fogs caused lots of roads wrecks and deaths. Road accidents killed more than 6,000 people annually. ?In comparison, there were 130 people are due to sun stroke, 81 were drowned in the flood, 70 are killed by tornadoes and 46 are killed by hurricanes.

If you are driving out during bad weather at this season, please check out these all safety tips from AccuWeather.

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