After a ham weighing 720 lbs. dropped atop his head, the Pa. packer of pork meat was airlifted to hospital.

At around 5:44 oclock Wednesday afternoon, a worker in his early 30 was doing his task at Hatfield Quality Meats in Montgomery County in Hatfield, when the pile of ham crashed down suddenly.

According to reports gathered, the poor man who preferred to remain unanimous felt the brunt of 36 hams, each weighing 20-pounds, landed on his head as the whole bunch plummeted to the ground.

Company officials have not given any comment on the incident as they did not give their side to the public.

The unidentified packer was employed at the plant located on Block 2700 block in the Clemens Rd. in Hatfield on Wednesday evening.

After a pallet of ham fell on top of him, the worker was airlifted by medical helicopter to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center. No official state of his condition was published.

The accident was happened at 5:44 oclock in the afternoon at Hatfield Quality Meats. Three dozens of hams weighing a total of 720 pounds landed on the workers head.

The extent of the mans injuries is unclear but the man was conscious and alert when paramedics arrived, said spokesperson John Reininger.

Spokesperson John Reininger said that extent of the mans injuries was not clearly stated but he was alert and conscious when paramedics arrived.

At 5:44 oclock that afternoon, the office of Hatfield Quality Meats called for assistance. Responders immediately rushed to address No. 2700 Clemens Rd. where they immediately airlifted the injured to the Medical Center of Penn Presbyterian.

No wonder, the packer was really injured with the 3 dozen hams weighing 20 pounds each falling over his head. Meanwhile, officials of the company have not yet given their side.

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Benefits will be paid by either by private insurance companies or the State Workers’ Insurance Fund.

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