Treacherous weather of freezing rain, slush, and snow made driving across the region last Sunday was prelude to several crashes causing multiple injuries.

Due to icy conditions, traffic authorities were prompted to decrease speed limit to 45 MPH on most highways.

Spokesperson Diane Gerace announced that the Philadelphia International Airport canceled more than 400 flights coming and leaving the place as FAA advised traffic to slow down to deal with the storm and highway delays. Staffers in airports were ready to provide blankets, cots, and water bottles during delays of travelers stranded after midnight

Early afternoon, Pennsylvania Turnpike was assigned by state police to report several accidents by early afternoon. , Cpl. Holly Reber-Billings reiterated that the speed limit on the toll road had been reduced to 45 MPH starting from Lansdale until Harrisburg.

She mentioned that there were multiple crashes happening all over the place.

Along Springfield in Burlington County, Trooper Sal Meri reported a two-vehicle crash on Rte. 206 that injured eight people who were transported to the Capital Health Systems Helene Field Campus in Trenton. Early that evening, a vehicle whirled across the N.J. Turnpike in the Township of Florence, obstructing two while another vehicle overturned on the Garden State Parkway just adjacent Toms River.

Due to reduced speeds on Interstate 95, it decelerated the usual 30-mile trip north from Wilmington to Philadelphia to an hour during that mid afternoon on Sunday. The entire highway warning signs announced a snowstorm speed of 45 MPH, as a line of four salt trucks was running three northbound lanes and they forced traffic to go slowly between 10 and 30 MPH from the exit of Marcus Hook exit north to Interstate 476 in Chester, where two trucks are to exit.

The number of vehicles plying the route was pulled off to the right shoulder where it was parked.

City traffic was light that was moving at slowly on many roads. The traffic along Roosevelt Boulevard in N. Philly was creeping along the icy road during mid afternoon.

In the County of Camden, authorities advised motorists to stay home.

County spokesperson Dan Keashen said that the roads were being plowed and salted as more than 90 pieces of equipment were sent from the county public works complex in Lindenwold.

That Sunday afternoon in the Township of Springfield in Burlington County, eight people were injured.

Medics responded to the call for an accident in Rte. 206 between Jacksonville Jobstown Rd. and Monmouth Rd. just after 2:00 oclock in the afternoon. They saw a two-vehicle crash with several people trapped.

Due to the wreck, roadway was shut down in the area. Meanwhile medical helicopters were no able to land on the scene due to icy conditions.

At least, four persons were dead and dozens more were injured as snow and black ice resulted to massive pile-ups and several collisions along the roads all over the country. Another crash in West Philadelphia happened with 20 car pile-up.

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