Police reported that two drivers were harmed last Friday night following a head-on collision that trapped the female driver in her vehicle along the north Rte. 33 at the in Wind Gap.

Due to a medical condition, a southbound operator was not able to control the vehicle that crossed the median grass center at about 7:05 oclock in the evening and collided into the woman who was driving her northbound vehicle.

Belfast State police said that accident occurred just north of Rte. 512. The police have not identified both drivers of vehicles or how serious the injuries were. Ems crew at the scene radioed that the woman might have a broken leg.

It took rescue workers more than 15 minutes to extricate the woman, whose legs were pinned beneath her dashboard. The crews had to cut off the roof of the car in order to get at her.

An ambulance rushed the operator of the southbound vehicle to the Medical Center of Pocono in East Stroudsburg. Officer Jeremy Hayes added that the woman with the injured legs was airlifted to the University Hospital of St. Luke in Fountain Hill.

At 8:00 oclock that evening, fire police had to close from Rte. 512 ramp to Rte. 33 at the north for the medical helicopter to land at the north of the accident scene to pick up the injured woman.

Assisting agencies came from the Monroe County fire police and rescue personnel.

Authorities closed the northbound lanes of the highway at the Wind Gap exit after the crash was reported at about 7:15 oclock in the evening at the 16.1 mile-marker of Rte. 33 North in the borough.

Pennsylvania State Police at Belfast finally opened all roads at 9:30 oclock that evening. Authorities will release further information after the investigation.

Road collisions are happening every day, as drivers and people are dying in road collisions. Studies proved that based on statistics; there is one road traffic accident death per 100,000?inhabitants. In fact, annually and worldwide, it was estimated that world over, about 1.2 million people died and over 50 million more were injured in motor vehicle collisions. Most road crashes are due to human error more than other factors. ??Errors committed by drivers accounted for over 80% of all fatal and injury crashes on the road.

The main causes of death and injury on the roads are due to speeding, drink driving and non-wearing of seat-belts. Just as traffic accidents are triggered several factors, the probability of accidents can be reduced in a number of different ways: (1) Education and training of motorists & pedestrians; (2) Enforcement of reasonable and enforceable traffic laws; and (3) Proper engineering of vehicles and roads.

Since road accidents cannot be completely eradicated but the ways mentioned will greatly reduced them.

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