One student was injured following a crash involving a school bus to flip on its side along the road that Monday afternoon.

The bus has the words – Caravan Transport – stamped on its side that stopped at the corner along Daffodil Lane and Main St. in Lumberton, New Jersey. While halting in the corner, the bus was rear ended by another vehicle. Due to the impact, the bus flipped over to its side.

According to officials, there were only three students on the bus and they ranged between the ages of 10 and 15. The students are from the Hartford School in Mount Laurel and their parents were properly notified.

One student sustained minor injuries. Officials reported that the driver of the vehicle who hit the bus is being held for questioning.

Nearly half a million school buses hit the road daily carrying 25 million of children to school for many parents believed that their children are in safe hands; however, tragedy can always hit like a lighting flash.

The Lumberton accident happened at around 3:00 oclock in Monday evening. Authorities stated that the bus was stopped at the corner when it was hit at the back by a car, and the force caused the bus to tip over.

According to the NHTSA, an average of five children die in school bus crashes every year.

U.S. regulations require seatbelts on all small school buses weighing less than 10,000 pounds. Only six states require all school buses to be equipped with seatbelts: California, Florida, Lousiana, New Jersey, New York and Texas.

Investigators from GMA were on the scene after a crash test the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation CAPE). Twelve dummies of different ages and seated in different positions were placed inside the bus.

A high-speed camera captured what happened when a bus crashed into a wall as it was running 30 MPH. A middle-to-high school-sized dummy was placed at the edge of a seat with one leg in the aisle without a seatbelt. After the crash, the dummy slammed on the seat, flipped around and alighted in the aisle.

Crash test dummy built like a 6-year-old was seated at the back of the bus with a backpack and not wearing a seatbelt. After the crash, the dummy hit the seat at the back, ricochet and hit the seat in front before dropping out of the seat and down to the aisle.

A second 6-year-old-sized dummy and another middle-to-high school-sized dummy were properly restrained. At the crash, they struck their heads on the front seats in front but stayed as they wore seatbelts and remained stable on their seats.

Although the bus was rolling on its side, the two dummies with seat belts stayed safely in their seats. Meanwhile, the dummies without retrains were thrown all over the school bus.

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