Upper Chichester ? For every one home is the safest place to be but not most of the time as vehicles can crash anytime into ones residence. Police reported that early Sunday morning, man from Bear, Del., drove his pickup truck into a house in Hidden Valley Road. When police tested the driver, his BAC was twice the legal limit allowed for operating a vehicle.

The driver was 21-year-old Hans Erik Janco Jr., who admitted that he impaired by alcohol before he started to drive his GMC truck. His trip ended inside a single-family home that was occupied by a man and his infant.

At about 12:53 midnight of Sunday, Officer David DiSands responded to a call at the crash scene in Block 400 in Hidden Valley Road. While the officer was getting out of his patrol car, he was approached by Janco with blood all over his hands and face on his hands and face, He Janco admitted that he was driving his vehicle on top speed and lost control that he crashed into the house.

DiSands smelled the strong odor of alcohol on Jancos breath, noticed his slurred speech and had difficulty in keeping his balance. There was even a time when he had to lean on the officer to stand straight.

He said that he had had around three drinks but he failed several field sobriety tests and was taken arrested.

While he was taken to the police station, Janco at the back of the patrol car was rambling about his future being lost but he deserved it as he was like a fool drinking for five hours driving like an idiot.

At the police station, Janco cooperated with the police by taking a chemical breath test that was administered by certified intoximeter agent, Officer Fred Rhodes. The test revealed that his lowest result for was 0.181 blood alcohol level.

Both internal and external structure of the single-family house suffered significant damage. The owner of the house was home with his baby as his wife was at work. While walking out of the kitchen after feeding the baby, he felt the house shaking.

Janco is now facing several charges: (1) driving under the influence; (2) careless driving; (3) reckless driving; ?and (4) endangering another person.

Four days ago, on a Wednesday afternoon, three people were injured after a car slammed into a home in Delaware County.

At around 4:00 oclock in the afternoon, a car smashed into the side of a home located at Concord Ave. near W 11th and Lincoln streets in Chester, Pa.

The mishap of Chrysler PT Cruiser left three people injured but according to dispatcher, they were brought to the hospital conscious and alert.

The cause of the crash is still investigated for charges to be filed appropriately.

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