Lawrence Township – A male octogenarian from Ewing died after a multi-vehicle collision at about 4:00 o’clock Sunday afternoon along I-95, Federal City Road in Lawrence.

Walter Guelcher, age 87 was pronounced dead at the crash site after his vehicle collided with three others. The operator and passenger in the third car were brought to Trenton’s Capital Health Regional Medical Center. There was no report released of their present condition as the mishap is still under investigation.

Police confirmed that the 87-year-old man expired is following a crash that involved four cars that Sunday afternoon in Lawrence Township.

The wreck took place at around 3:45 o’clock in the afternoon on Federal City Road atop the overpass of Rte. 95.

Police stated that the vehicle of the elderly Guelchar, hit three other vehicles as his car traveled into the opposite lane. Guelchar expired on the scene resulting from critical injuries.

The driver and passenger in one of the vehicles were taken to the hospital. Their conditions are not known at this time. The drivers of the other two vehicles involved were not injured.

According to authorities, Guelchar, for unknown reasons, allegedly swerved into the wrong side of the road before crashing with the other cars.

The consequence was that among the 3 other drivers, one was injured and hospitalized; also one passenger was transported to a hospital. Pending result of investigation, names of individuals involved in the collision were not released.

Guelchar was sole fatality of the crash that resulted when he veered off the way and hit other vehicles.

As man ages, it is normal for his/her driving abilities to alter change. If the risk factors are taken away and safe driving practices are enhanced, many drivers can stay behind the wheel safely although they are in their senior years. Due to the encroaching of old age, seniors must pay attention to any warning signs their age is already affecting safe driving and appropriate adjustments are made. Old drivers must seek alternative methods of transportation that are healthy and socially beneficial as they enter this later life’s stages.

Of course, aging does not automatically mean losing of driving ability. There are many preparations operators in their twilight years can do to continue driving safely, such as modifying their vehicle; their way of driving, and understand as well as correct physical issues that may hamper safe driving.

Old people must realize that life without a car is not a great loss; most likely, people who have been behind the wheel during their whole life. Without freedom to drive, seniors might feel frustrated, angry, or irritable and feel that they are deprived of their independence.

Therefore, not being allowed to drive takes lots of courage as it places their own safety as well as others first.

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Source: Philadelphia CBS Local Com


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