A chain-reaction crash resulted after two school buses and delivery truck collided that afternoon of Thursday that injured two students.

The school bus from nearby the Philadelphia University and the school bus from the neighboring Greenwoods Charter School stopped at the rear of a FedEx truck along Gypsy and School House lanes in the neighborhood of East Falls Philly at around 4:15 o’clock that Thursday afternoon.

Investigators arrived at the scene and saw that the school bus crashed into the truck, which, in turn, hit the Philly U bus.

Following the mishap, firefighters were taking the children from the bus with the medics evaluating their condition and found two kids sustaining minor injuries. The children transferred to another bus. Ems crew took less than one hour to clear the scene.

It was confirmed that one person was delivered to the Einstein Medical Center
after a three- vehicle crash involving two school buses and a delivery truck in Philadelphia. The accident took place at about 4:00 o’clock Thursday afternoon at the corner of Gypsy and West School House lanes.

Almost a week ago in Lumberton, authorities reported that at least one student suffered minor injuries after a small school bus flipped over during a crash on the southern New Jersey roadway.

Lumberton accident occurred shortly before 3:00 o’clock Monday afternoon when the bus stopped at an intersection, it was rear-ended by a car< The impact caused the bus to tip over.

Authorities cited three students, from ages 10 to 15, were on the bus were injured. It was not stated if the two other students and the drivers of the bus and car were harmed. Investigation of its cause is ongoing.

Last week of February, another collision happened between a car and a school bus along a busy highway in the neighborhood of East Falls on a Wednesday morning.

The wreck took place at around 8:15 o’clock in the morning in the southbound Roosevelt Blvd. near Ridge Ave.

There were no reports of injuries; however, the students on board were evaluated by their school nurse.

As the news helicopter hovered overhead, it saw a white sedan under the back of the yellow All City Transportation bus.

Parents entrust their children to school buses as their transportation vehicles that any untoward accidents seem more tragic. Many children are afraid of the bus bully, but parents continue to worry about a potential bus crash that will greatly affect the lives of many families. Continued risk for children’s safety in the bus is paramount in the parents’ minds. But it is good for them to remember that there are other dangers menacing their children along the roadways.

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Source: NBC Philadelphia Com


Source: NBC Philadelphia Com


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