For the 3rd time in a month, an MTA train hit a car along its tracks Tuesday afternoon in Suffolk County.

It is a fact that trains are the most convenient method for travel and for transporting goods; however, over the years, they have become a greater danger as their speed has increased. Although most of the time, railroad accidents are caused by human error, but there are also other common causes as derailment, explosions on board, or bridge collapses.

The latest collision happened when an eastbound Long Island Rail Road train running along the Montauk Branch collided with a car at the Rider Avenue crossing in Patchogue, Suffolk County.

LIRR stated that the mishap happened at about 12:08 o’clock noon. Fortunately, no train passengers or crew members were injured. But the male car driver, in his50’s or 60’s, sustained non-life threatening injuries and was transported to the Brookhaven Hospital.

Sources reported that the appeared to slid on ice and was propelled towards the train after breaking through the gates that had already been lowered for an approaching train. The car smashed on one side; luckily, the train was not running at full speed. The mishap happened one block away from the Patchogue train station.

This incident follows another collision that happened on a Monday afternoon, when a train going to Manhattan Penn Station hit an SUV Toyota Highlander at the grade crossing of east Rocklyn Ave. An eyewitness saw the collision and told MTA police that the operator of the SUV driver entered the grade crossing even when the red light was flashing and bells were ringing to warn an approaching train. The crossing gate was downed behind the SUV that halted but its rear was already on the tracks.

After the crash, they found that the driver was an elderly woman who complained of back and neck injuries. She was transported to the Community South Nassau Hospital in Oceanside.

But the worst crash in Railroad Metro-North’s history happened Feb. 3 when the SUV was hit on the tracks by a train northbound in Valhalla, Westchester County. The wreck resulted to the death of the driver and five passengers. The Board of National Transportation Safety that it was not the fault of the railroad as warning and grade-crossing gate were correctly placed although the fed agency is still investigating. The SUV driver might have stopped but die to the oncoming train must have panic and went forward onto the tracks instead of in reversing.

Many drivers give little or no attention at all to highway-rail crossings they drive across daily as they never see a train there. They are unaware that freight trains do not have a regular schedules and can be there anywhere at any time going in any direction.

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Source: NY Daily News Com