Blairsville, Pa. ?- One person was injured following a fire and explosion at the building of a natural gas company in western Pennsylvania.

According to officials in Westmoreland County, the erupted at Rte. 22 in the Derry Township was reported around after 5:00 oclock in the afternoon of Sunday.

Officials from the Company and fire department officials told the press that a contractor from Consol Energy Inc. was injured with on his face and arms.

Blairsville Fire Department Chief George Burkley said that the contractor was conscious when he was airlifted in the landing zone to West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh.

He added that fire was speedily extinguished as the company immediately closed the natural gas service of the building and there was not extensively damaged.

Consol spokesperson Kate Donovan stated that the site was made secured and investigation is conducted right away.

Last week, police reported two construction workers were injured after a house explosion in the Hamptons community of Water Mill.

Based on report made by Southampton Town police, the house located at Montauk Highway and Old Country Rd. was destroyed after the explosion and the following fire. They said that the workers were repairing the home when they cut a gas accidentally. The house located on the Old Country Rd. in Water Mill was fully inflamed when firefighters reached the scene just after 2:15 oclock that afternoon.
Police said two workers Rolando Perez, age 40 and Abner Canel, age 18 both residents of Riverhead, and were doing repairs in the basement of the home. They sustained extensive burns and were airlifted to Stony Brook Hospital. Perez was listed as stable but Canel was listed in critical condition.

Witnesses said both men in scorched clothing and various burns, but were able to walk around the scene. Firefighters had to clear a landing zone at the nearby Parrish Art Museum for medevac helicopters to land as victims were rushed to the Stony Brook.

The fire leveled the house, strewing debris along the lawns of the neighbors. Building inspectors were called to inspect the safety of other damaged condos.
National Grid workers immediately responded to the scene. Spokesperson Wendy Ladd stated that worker of the gas company in the area immediately shut off gas of the house and assisted the firefighters.

Due to the fire, County Road 39 was closed to traffic near the site, including Montauk Highway eastbound in the vicinity of CR 39 and Cobb Road.

Investigation revealed that the accident of a home in Water Mill was due to the eruption of a house into flames that caused injuries to two workers of Riverhead who were transported to a medical facility. In the scene were the officials from the Federal safety office and the National Grid, including the crew from the town fire marshal’s office.

According to a spokesperson from the Stony Brook University Hospital, the conditions of the two victims are reported differently in media outlets from what was initially reported by Southampton Town police last night.

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