Oil tanker explosions are dangerous just like the blast that happened along the highway of New Jersey Monday. Fortunately, the driver was able to escape before the rig erupted into flames. Police said that the tanker contained about 8,900 gallons of gas and it was a horrendous site when it flipped on an off-ramp in Pennsauken at about11:00 oclock in the morning. CBS Philly reported that gas spills runoff from roadway that gave birth to another fire several hundreds of yards away. The gasoline continued spreading down a hill and joined a nearby sewer drain.

FOX 29’s reporter Brad Sattin interviewed witness Marissa Clemens who was in the nearby area. She said the ramp that was the site of the fire has a height from 15 to 20 feet high. She viewed back smoke becoming visible in her neighborhood.

EMs crews responded to a call regarding a fire at the highway ramp after an oil tanker overturned and started the blaze in Pennsauken that Monday morning.

Authorities said that the inferno is blazing the northbound ramp of Rte. 130 very near Rte. 90. ?They added that the tanker operator was found and there were no other vehicles involved.

The thickening black smoke was billowing across the sky that was seen for miles around, as well as in NE Philadelphia. Authorities said that their crash team is trying to determine the cause of the accident and decides if ice or snow was a contributing factor.

One firefighter was injured and carried by stretcher to an ambulance. No report was disclosed on the nature of his injuries. There was no report that another person was injured.

After late noon, the sky area was almost cleared and most of the fire companies returned to their station while the cleanup team and probers stayed behind.

Kristen Bolch from the neighborhood heard two loud blasts and thought that the nearby houses were on fire but when she looked out, it came from a vehicle.

Yolanda Jackson whose residence was close to the accident said that she left her to check her place and was thankful that the flames had not touched any homes.

Dan Keashen, spokesperson for Camden County said that the Hazmat teams were using spraying foam on the blaze that is for oil fires. Keashen added that firefighters aside from combating the blaze had also to contend with weather making their work more challenging. As the emergency crews dealt with low temperatures and winds, they were finally able to place the fire under control.

Although evacuating the area was a good option, Keashen said that residents who live nearby were not advised to leave. However, authorities cautioned those within the area to be extra careful and avoid breathing fumes.

Aside from the fire and rescue unit of Pennsauken, the following agencies actively participated in the scene: (1) Emergency Management of the Camden County Office; (2) HAZMAT workers; and (3) fire crews of nearby towns.

Two injured persons were brought to the Cooper Hospital in Camden: the operator of the tanker and one fire fighter. They were soon released after treatment from minor injuries.

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Source: Articles Philly Com