Stanton, Del. ? State police reported that two people were injured when the upper box truck part slammed the Amtrak overpass along the Stanton Christiana Rd. and became stuck while the front wheels went off the ground.

According to reports from the scene, a mishap happened before 6:00 oclock in Wednesday afternoon on the old Rte. 7 on the vicinity of Shone Lumber.

All the injured occupants were transported by an ambulance to the Hospital of Christiana. Firefighters of Mill Creek and ambulance from Belvedere immediately responded. State police continue their investigation of the crash.

Traffic authorities confirmed that two victims were harmed when a cube truck got stuck under Stanton, Delawares overpass. The incident took place at about 6:00 oclock Wednesday evening just along Block 700 of Stanton-Christiana Road.

The driver operating a Simply Solar of Maryland truck was able to pass the cab through the overpass but the box section was too big. The truck was stuck under overpass while the front wheels were coming off the ground.

Police reported that the mishap caused two injured people who were transported to Christiana Hospital for treatment. ?At least, their injuries were non-life threatening.

It is common for huge trucks to get stuck in a low clearance bridge or an overpass; this kind of mishap is happening all over the state. Many careless drivers disregard permanent low clearances that well marked posted on roads prior to an overpass.

Professional truck drivers considered low clearance bridges and overpasses for granted, they think that they can easily outsmart the way and easily squeeze their trucks underneath. They are unaware that a big truck cannot squeeze into an ordinary-size overpass.

Many truck drivers commit this kind of blunder that is due to negligence and could easily be prevented. Consequence is that the truck driver lost a job. They should be informed to avoid problems related to a road driving job.


Today most large roads especially the interstate and U.S. roads in the USA have overpasses with a space of enough size allowing commercial motor vehicles to safely pass under.

Fed Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued official recommendations for the use of a GPS system approved for use in commercial trucks. These legal professional devices are able to estimate the vehicles height, weight and contents and warned drivers away from prohibited roads. Consumers devices are least expensive but do not have that capability to provide clear estimates. Senator Charles E. Schumer said that although professional devices are more expensive, they will go a long way to save truckers and saving taxpayers money in the long run by preventing damage to vehicles & infrastructure, by controlling traffic jams and ultimately personal injuries.

Sen. Schumer said that DOT will require drivers renewing or applying for commercial operators licenses to take GPS training.

If you or your loved one has been harmed or fatally injured due to negligence or someone else fault, contact an accident lawyer now for free consultation. You may be entitled to financial compensation for economic damages, as well as pain and suffering.

Source: 6 ABC Com


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