Bridgeville, Del. State Police of Delaware reported that 16 students were transported to an area hospital last Thursday following a three- vehicle crash involving three school buses in Bridgeville. At least, more than a dozen of school children were delivered to medical facilities. Authorities that one factor was icy roads north of Bridgeville. However, injuries were classified as minor.

Due to prediction of perilous cold weather, schools all over Delaware are scheduled to be closed Friday.

In fact, afternoon and evening trips today of Cape May-Lewes Ferry will be canceled due to strong wind and ice. The 7:30 oclock morning trip coming from Cape May, as well as the 9:15 oclock in the morning trips from Lewes are also canceled to give time for tugs to clear the ice.

A mishap took place at about 4:00 oclock Thursday afternoon along Adams Rd. just adjacent to the Newton Rd.

Corporal Gary Fournier said that prelim investigation indicated that three school buses were running along Adams Rd. towards Newton Rd. The first bus was slowing to stop on account of icy conditions; meanwhile, the third bus began to slide on the ice and rear ended the second bus that in turn crashed on the lead bus. The three buses were carrying students, with ages ranging 3rd to 5th grades.

According to authorities, the crash occurred at 4:00 oclock in the afternoon along Adams Road as the vehicles were lined towards Newton Rd. or Rte. 404.

The school vehicles?were loaded with students from the Woodbridge School District students. As the first bus was slowly stopping, the third slid on the ice and hit the back of the third bus that in turn crashed on the first bus.

Police reported that injured?students were delivered by ambulances to local hospitals while the remaining were taken on buses to the Woodbridge Middle School, where they were evaluated by medical personnel and soon released to their parents.

Police enumerated the three bus drivers as follows: (1) a 46-year-old woman; (2) a 30-year-old man; and (3) a 55-year-old man. Fortunately, they were not injured and sp far, no charges have been filed.

Due to the crash, along Rte. 404 at Adams Road was shut down for almost three hours as police conducted their investigation and the area was cleared.

Sussex County Emergency Operations Center of Sussex County started receiving calls after 3:00 oclock Thursday afternoon. ?Crashes were occurring all throughout caused primarily by the hazardous road conditions due to winds and snow blowing across the roadways.

At around 7:30 oclock in the evening, Del State Police mentioned at least 51 collisions that included eight resulting to non-life-threatening injuries as were being investigated by troopers since that time. Police added that hazardous conditions resulted to at least 51 collisions that were?reported under Sussex County. The good news is that eight of the injuries were not considered life-threatening.

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Source: Delaware Free News Org.