Monday morning in N.J. Pennsauken was a hot one after a?tanker truck loaded with ??8,000 gallons of gasoline flipped and?exploded into flames. The wreck occurred at about 11:00 oclock the morning along the off-ramp starting from Rte. 90?to Rte. 130.

According to reports, the flame was quelled using foam just 30 minutes, but some spilled gasoline on a nearby waterway got into the Puchak Run that was a non-closed sewer system,.

Lt. Kerr explained that the Puchak Run feeds into the Delaware River but been assured by local hazmat teams came before the spill and they have directed it to Puchak Run. He added that the impact of the spill to the environment is not immediately known as the cleanup will take some time.

According to the Delaware River Port Authority, monitors of air quality are in place and they working in the community.

The?DRPA said that the truck owner is TK Transport based in Pennsauken. The truck operator and a firefighter sustained minor injuries. Authorities stated that no other vehicles were involved.? The DRPA assured that no structures were damaged by the fire.

A motorist identified as Bob Ried was on his way to pick up his son when the truck erupted into flames. He heard a?big explosion and I felt the impact. He saw the flames shooting up as he saw only the flames and heard a bomb-like sound.

The DRPA reported that about 30 homes located near the site were evacuated to a safer area. Firefighters and police went?from door-to-door of nearby homes advising the residents to?evacuate.

One of the residents?returned home after she received?a phone call at work about the explosion?near her house. She was worried for her dog was alone at home and her kids will be coming home from school and she wanted all of them to be safe.

After the fire was controlled, the DRPA checked the place and allowed all residents to return.

The tanker truck was already towed away from the scene and but cleaning up the area took all night.

The U.S. Coast Guard is on call as they will be monitoring the incident. Other agents in coordination are: Camden County Health Department and Pennsauken Fire Department that has set up a command center at the scene.

NJDOT said that the ramp is closed at this time. Authorities warned drivers to avoid taking the Betsy Ross Bridge.

DRPA shut down Rte. 90 east; as well as Rte. 73.? Motorists were looking for alternate reopening as the cleanup was in progress as Rte. 90 east to 130 north and south were closed. They opened local access exit to 130 north. Motorists were instructed to follow the Hilton Road or 130 N detour.

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Source: Philadelphia CBS Local Com