A Wednesday morning motor vehicle accident involved a school bus carrying students?that collided with a pickup truck resulting to minor injuries.

The crash occurred just before 7:30oclock in the morning at the intersection of Baird Blvd. and Kaighn Ave. The bus was on its way to the technical High School of Pennsauken.

County police reported that a school bus and box truck collided at a corner in Camden County Wednesday morning. The bus was ferrying Camden students to a school when it collided with the vehicle.

Investigators said that the box truck struck the driver’s side of the bus. There were students on board but none of the students sustained serious injuries.

Drivers of both vehicles suffered minor injuries that were treated at the Cooper University Hospital.

Police and firefighters responded immediately to the scene where they started to conduct their investigation.

EMS crews in the scene did not clearly identify how many were treated and the type of injuries; however, witnesses reported that the school bus and truck crash that took place at the intersection of Kaighn and Baird resulted to several minor injuries.

The two-vehicle accident was a collision between a school bus and a box truck that authorities are still investigating. The good news was that no serious injuries have been reported.

Brendan Lowe spokesperson for Camden Board of Education confirmed that the two- vehicle crash involved a bus ferrying Camden students to the Camden County Technical Schools located in nearby Pennsauken.

It occurred at about 8:00 oclock Wednesday morning at the corner of Kaighn Ave. and Broadway.

A few days ago, a car rear ended a school bus Tuesday morning when the bus was making a stop.

According to Millville Police Department Lt. Jody Farabella, although there were children on the bus at the time but there were no reported injuries.

In the accident that happened at 8:25 oclock in the morning along Wheaton Avenue, operator identified as Esequiel Cordero, age 58, resident of Wheaton Avenue, was charged with careless driving. His damaged car was towed away from the scene.

For the NHTSA, traveling by school bus is seven times safer than traveling by car or truck.

Based on ordinary perspective, more than 30,000 people died in traffic crashes every year and out of this number, there are six school-age children whose lives are claimed by school buses accidents annually.?The objective the NHTSA and everyone else is the number to be zero.? But compared with other traffic fatalities, school bus crash fatalities are still relatively low.

Today, a glaring question is why safety belts are not mandated on school buses.? Since 1968, the traffic law required on passenger cars to use seat belts but it seems that the government does not feel the need for school buses to have seat belts for several reasons.

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