A vehicle crash destroyed the peaceful Saturday night in Dunbar; Fayette County that claimed the life of one woman and injured three others.

Aftermath of the crash was a woman was from Fairchance who was sole fatal casualty of a mishap that afternoon of Saturday. She died from critical injuries on her face and face from blunt force. Her death was considered as accidental.

Responding to the call, staff from Fayette Coroners County office was able to identify the woman as Trudy J. Zooner (Ewing), age 56 and residing in Fairchance.

From the investigation, authorities learned that Zooner was a passenger in a Jeep that was one of the vehicles involved on a 1:00 oclock noon two-car mishap along Dry Knob Rd. in the Twp. of Georges.

The still unidentified operator of the Jeep was transported to an area hospital. The other two passengers in the Dodge truck that was the other vehicle involved in the accident were also brought to a local hospital for treatment and evaluation.

Jessie Camilli, Deputy Coroner, pronounced Zooner dead at the scene about 2:00 oclock that afternoon. Officials said that there is no plan for autopsy as no criminal element was involved.

Authorities confirmed that a woman they later identified as Trudy Zooner, age 56 and residing in Fairchance was killed Saturday afternoon after two vehicles crashed along a Dry Knob Road in Georges Township.

Assistant chief Kerry Whoolery of the Fairchance Volunteer Fire Department said that the woman died at the scene. Whoolery reported that the crash occurred at about 1:00 oclock in the afternoon when a Jeep collided with a Dodge truck. Whoolery added that the woman was a passenger in the Jeep operated by a driver whom they did not identify and was also delivered to an area hospital.

Two passengers in the truck were transported to Ruby Memorial Hosptial in West Virginia, Whoolery said. As of press time, the condition of the driver was unknown.

The following agencies responded to the 911 call: (1) EMS; (2) American EMS; and (3) Fayette EMS.

Investigation of the incident is ongoing as probers would like to know the cause of the collision. They are considering the conditions of both the weather and the road. But they are not discounting alcohol or prescription drug; distracted driving, speed and others as key factor of the mishap.

Family and friends of ?the deceased are devastated by the tragedy and they are hoping that the questions asked of the crash will be answered after the probe.

Meanwhile, the children of Trudy J. Zooner (Ewing) who died from an automobile accident on dry knob road on 2-21-2015 are asking friends and family for donations towards the funeral arrangements of their beloved mother.

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Source: Herald Standard Com