Heilwood, Pa. ? A miner was killed at west-central Pennsylvania mine after a huge rock fell dropped from the mine roof and crushed him.

Jerry L. Overman Jr., Indiana County Coroner has released the name of a man they who died in a mining accident at Heilwoods Rosebud Mining Company last Friday afternoon.

The coroner identified the fatality asTodd Trimble, age 29, resident of Gallitzin. According to the authorities, the victim was installing roof bolts at a mine in Rosebud Heilwood last Friday afternoon when a big rock fell on him and was crashed underneath.

His co-workers freed him by lifting the heavy rock and brought Trimble to the surface for emergency from the paramedics. However, despite the efforts of the EMS, he was far gone and was pronounced on the scene by the coroner.

The report of a miners death was confirmed by Indiana County?coroner who said that the accidental death was due to severe damages following a large rock that dropped from the mine roof and smashed him.

Jerry Overman Jr., County Coroner, identified the fatality asTodd Trimble, age 29 and resident of Gallitzin who was setting roof bolts at mine of Rosebud Heilwood Friday afternoon when the rock fell and he was trapped underneath.

Although his co-workers tumbled down to free Trimble and took him to the surface for emergency procedures by the paramedics at about 3:25 oclock that afternoon but died at the scene less than an hour later.

Investigators said that the fatality would be autopsied by the Windber Forensic DX in Somerset County. It was further announced by both police and officials by the mining industry that there will be an investigation on the cause of the incident.

As of this writing, no funeral arrangements for the victim and no further information regarding the accident is currently available.

Minors are involved in one of the world’s most dangerous occupations. All through the years, many serious accidents have occurred in various parts of the world, often with significant loss of life. In fact, mining is often listed as one of if not the most dangerous job each year in various dangerous jobs lists.

Every year, less than a 100 miners are dead in this country while working underground. As a hazardous job, miners are required to wear emergency breathing devices all times to provide air in case of a disaster. Aside from the dangers of cave-ins and explosions, miners, they have poor visibility coming from carbon monoxide to methane gas.

Among the greatest single risk faced by underground miners is the fall of ground that resulted to 50% of fatal injuries. When it was first mined, large pillars are used to support the rock between the mine and surface when these pillars were removed the ground collapses.

U.S. data recorded and documented those 717 mining disasters incidents resulted in five or more fatalities and did not reflect incidental accidents.

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