A police detective from Trenton is now recuperating from minor injuries sustained after he was struck by a driver who initiated officers chase until he finally crashed in Hamilton Township.
The activity of Wednesday began at 1:15 oclock in the afternoon at the corner of Walnut and Chestnut Avenues in Trenton.

Police detectives on patrol observed that a vehicle halted in the road when they approached the vehicle, the driver who was later identified as Jeremiah Sanchez, age 23, drove at them and hit one of the detectives.

As the police opened fire, Sanchez was hit on the neck and arm. He fled the scene in the vehicle as police chased him towards the Hamilton Township. The pursuit terminated chase after Sanchez crashed into several parked cars in Block 1700 at East State St.

One witness identified as Alonzo Simmons of Hamilton, NJ heard a big crash and as he ran outside he saw a car in the street that landed sideways. All the cops from the cruiser got out and pointed their guns at the guy ordering him to get out of the car.

Sanchez was arrested and brought to the Capital Health Regional Medical Center and was evaluated in stable condition.

The injured detective who was hit by Sanchez’s vehicle was transported to the University Hospital of Robert Wood Johnson in Hamilton, where he was treated for minor injuries and soon released.

Heading the investigation was the Homicide Task Force of Mercer County and the Internal Affairs of the Police Department Unit in Trenton.


Police learned that the man who hit the Trenton police officer with his vehicle prior to being shot and crashing into parked cars in Hamilton was subject to an outstanding warrant of arrest.

At around 1:15 in the morning of February 4, Jeremiah Sanchez, age 23, resident of Trenton, was inside his a parked car at the first block of Chestnut Street when two Police Detectives, David Ordille and Matthew Bledsoe approached his car on foot.

According to Officer Stephen Varn when Sanchez, who had a warrant for earlier domestic violence incident, noticed the authorities were approaching, thereupon, he drove his car in the direction of the two officers and hit Bledsoe.

Bledsoe shot Sanchez hitting him in the neck and arm.

Authorities are trying to determine the number of shots fired by Bledsoe; however, Ordille did not fire any shot at all.

To escape from the authorities, Sanchez drove at top speed towards Block 1700 along Hamiltons East State Street where he finally crashed into many parked cars.

Bledsoe sustained minor injuries on his foot and knee. Both police officers are given a paid administrative leave until they are declared clear for duty, which is an SOP routine for an officer-involved in shooting.

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