Philadelphia ? An afternoon accident near the Olney Transportation Center at the intersection of Broad and Olney was the scene when a pedestrian was injured after he fell under a bus.

The mishap happened at about 3:30 oclock in the afternoon as the SEPTA bus was getting out of the terminal on its way north.

According to the Philly police, after young man slipped and fell right under the hand front tire of the bus he was run over. He sustained factured pelvis and broke his right leg. Septa police brought him to the Einstein Hospital and was confirmed in critical condition.

SEPTA reported that the young man was seen running after the bus to catch up when the accident occurred.

Police continue their investigation of the teenager who was hit by a SEPTA bus in Olney.

The accident occurred in the afternoon of Friday at the SEPTA terminal at the corner of Olney Avenue and Broad Street.

It was SOP not to release the name of young victims since the injured was a 17-year-old male.

Police learned that he was leaving the terminal when he slipped in the front passenger-side tire and was run over. He sustained a broken right leg and a fractured pelvis.


Immediately rushed to an area hospital, he was placed in critical condition.

According to the police, the young man was trying to catch a bus when he slipped in the front and was run over along a busy North Philadelphia transportation. It was lucky that policemen were around and immediately rendered lifesaving first aid.

The male teenager who still remained unidentified was running to catch the bus as it started exiting from the SEPTA’s Olney Transportation Center at the corner of Olney Ave. and Broad St. and when he slipped and was run over.

Although the young man was banging on the bus door to open, but the driver was not able to hear until he slipped and was pulled under the vehicle as it joined the other vehicles onto North Broad Street.

The teen sustained serious injury to his lower body, severing his femoral artery. That artery serves as the central conduit carrying blood to a person’s leg.

Police leaped into action as they used a tourniquet to stop the bleeding of his leg. SEPTA?Police Sgt. Roland Wilson said that their training and instinct?took over once they got there.

The injured teen was rushed by officers to the Medical Center of Albert Einstein after he was given treatment right down the street. He is currently undergoing surgery and remains listed in critical condition.

Before the arrival of firefighters and paramedics, special operations provided care for those injured on the scene.

Philadelphia police will include surveillance video from the bus in doing their investigation.

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