Uniontown, Pa. – A man from western Pennsylvania who was convicted of vehicular homicide in an accident that led to the death of another driver more than three years ago was spared from serving jail time.

Jonathan Schroyer, age 27 and resident of Connellsville was sentenced last week to 23 months of intermediate punishment that is a type of probation, and was given 12 months of the sentence on house arrest.

State police said that Schroyer ran a red light at a corner in Connellsville last November of 2011 when he hit the car operated by David Prah Jr., age 22 who died from the crash.

During the hearing, Schroyer apologized to the victims relatives. He told them that he understands their feelings as he also lost brother and that he was sorry to place the same burden on anyone.

Schroyer, after two days of testimony, was found guilty of homicide by vehicle by a Fayette County jury on Wednesday. The jurors determined that Jonathan Schroyer, 27, was completely negligent and reckless when he ran a red light along Rte.119 at an intersection in West Blake Avenue – Connellsville Township. He then collided with a vehicle driven by David Prah, age 22 residing in Acme. Prah died due to blunt force trauma and fractures of his skull and upper ribs.

In closing his arguments, Schroyers lawyer pleaded to the jury that they view the total circumstances of the Nov. 29, 2011 crash, not just the 10-second dot of time immediately prior to the crash.

Asst. D. A. Anthony S. Iannamorelli Jr. argued that during the 10-second time frame, Schroyer had enough opportunity to view the light turning from yellow to red, but he proceeded driving through the intersection anyway.

Prahs brother, identified as 24-year-old Brian Prah commented that no amount of words express how the verdict impacted his family. It will not bring David back. Dave Prah, father of the victim said his family is happy that the case is over.

Testimony proved that Schroyer was: (1) driving below the speed limit: (2) was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol; (3) not distracted by a cellphone; and (4) not attempting to beat the light. The only negative evidence the commonwealth proved was that Jonathan might have been inattentive.

The defense attorney said that simply running a red light, in and of itself, is neither a reckless conduct nor a criminal negligence.

Asst. D. A. Iannamorelli in his closing statement clarified that it was the duty of Schroyer to be aware of risks while driving a vehicle and that in some cases, running to beat a red light could be considered a lesser criminal lisbility. As shown by circumstances, Schroyer had five seconds to slow down during the yellow light, another two seconds more while under the red light in Rte.119 and West Blake Avenue, plus two seconds more while Prah pulled into the intersection.

Pending sentencing given on Feb. 17 at 2:00 oclock in the afternoon before Senior Judge Gerald R. Solomon, Schroyer remains free on bond.

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