Montgomery County had to shut down the road for an undetermined length of time; following a tractor-trailer crash that spill fuel along the way.

According to Police of Lower Merion?Township, they have to close the corner of Youngs Ford and Conshohocken State Roads after a tractor-trailer mishap spilled fuel all over the roadway. Crews rushed to the scene cleaning up the mess.

It would probably take s few hours before the road will be clean and with the intersection closed, township officials are directing motorists to use Montgomery Road as an alternative.

Road accidents between a tractor trailer and other vehicles are inevitable by reasons of their solid bodies and sizes. Yesterday, a teener was injured after a school bus accident at about 3:10 oclock in the afternoon on the East Market Street in Gratz Borough.

According to State Police, a school bus operated by a driver from Elizabethville stopped to drop off kids along East Market St. when a rig was unable to stop and rear ended the bus.


Nine students, from ages 10 to 18, were aboard the bus. One student sustaining head injury, was transported to the Medical Center of Hershey Medical, All passengers were wearing seat belts.

Tractor trailer driver was identified as Robert Lukens resident of Chester, Pa. who has been charged for following too close.

The troopers from Bellmawr Station are still investigating an accident that occurred at the 26.9 milepost in Bellmawr Borough involving a tractor-trailer that struck the I-76 overpass.

The accident occurred at about 10:38 oclock in the morning at I-295 going north northbound when the tanks being hauled by the tractor-trailer fell off and crashed into multiple vehicles.

At least, four people sustaining minor injuries were transported to Cooper Hospital; however, the rig driver was not harmed.

Big wheeler accidents are fewer in number compared with other vehicles but they are proven to be more dangerous than other transport mishaps; too often causing not only critical injuries but also death.

Compared mile-to-mile with other motor vehicle accidents, tractor-trailer accidents are less frequent but the results are more deadly. ?In fact, most18-wheeler accidents have been killers of people in the other vehicle, not the tractor trailer driver.

There are reasons why rig drivers are prone to accidents. Many drivers suffered medical conditions, seizures or falling asleep behind the wheel due to physical demands of their work. Some are bored with the long trip and keep themselves distracted by modern apps. A number are driving too fast or too closely, or misjudged the flow of traffic; consequently, they failed to control the direction of the tractor trailer.

FMCSA study found that almost 50% of the 963 tractor trailer accidents involved collision between the rig and a passenger vehicle.

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