Last Wednesday, a man faced trial last for charges of murder by vehicle and DUI in the death of his girlfriend that happened in the year 2013 along  Roosevelt Boulevard.

The alleged culprit was identified as Sidney Dempsey, age 24, who stood before the court on all charges leading to the death of his girlfriend identified as Melisa Evelize Baker, age 24 and resident of Burholme. This was the subject of a preliminary hearing before Judge Charles Hayden in the Municipal Court.

Based on court record, it stated that at around1:30 o’clock in the morning of Jan. 12, 2013, Dempsey was behind the wheel of his Pontiac Bonneville sedan traveling north along the Boulevard when for unknown reasons; he lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a tree near Fourth Street.

Due to the impact, Dempsey and his girlfriend Baker, who was riding in the front passenger seat, were ejected from the car.

Baker died on the scene due to blunt-impact head trauma while Dempsey who sustained compound fracture of the left arm and possible head injury was treated at the Medical Center in Einstein Medical.

Last June, Dempsey’s toxicology tests showed that his BAC was 0.156 percent – twice the legal threshold of drunken driving.

Firefighter Medic George Harris, who rode with Dempsey in the ambulance, testified that Dempsey had no liquor stench but repeatedly asked if he would be OK. He surmised that the repetition was due to intoxication or head injury.

Witness, Charles Frazier related that he was driving his pickup truck along Wyoming Avenue when he observed a car tailgating him. As he was negotiating a turn north on the Boulevard, he saw that the car sped past. The car hit a dip in the road, was of control, and crashed into a tree.

Way back in 2013, Sidney Dempsey, then 22, was his vehicle and at about 2:00 o’clock in the morning, he crashed on the Boulevard along Feltonville’s 5th Street. His 24-year-old girlfriend, Melisa Baker who was front-seat passenger, was ejected from the car and later expired. Dempsey’s BAC showed a level of 0.156, that was 2 X the .08 legal limits.

Firefighter George Harris, an emergency medical technician, who immediately responded to the crash and rode with Dempsey in ambulance. During the ride of three-minute ride to the Medical Center of Albert Einstein, Dempsey admitted that he was driving the car with his girlfriend.

Dempsey sustained broken bones that were seen protruding through his left arm and suffered possible back and head injuries. Harris thought that Dempsey was constantly repeating if he was OK either from head injury or was affected by alcohol.

Taken to the hospital in a separate emergency vehicle, Baker was pronounced dead at around 9:00 o’clock that morning. She died from skull fractures, head and chest injuries.

Yesterday marked the second day of testimony in the hearing.

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