Doylestown – Tuesday morning, the car door got stuck so victim of wreck cannot get out of the vehicle but crews responded to the call from the intersection of Clemens Rd. and South Main St. to extricate the victim.

Reports stated that a two-car accident occurred along the corner of South Main and Clemens in the Borough of Doylestown Borough.

According to info gathered from the Fire Company, two injuries resulted two cars collided so when the crews arrived at around 10:00 o’clock in the morning, they had to free one of the victims from the car due to stuck door. Crews had to use hydraulic tools to cut the door.

Doylestown Fire Company confirmed that two sustained injuries during the crash but only one was transported by ambulance to a Hospital at Abington.

The wreck was the result two vehicles crashed at 10:00 o’clock in the morning at the intersection of Clemens Rd. and South Main St. in Doylestown at 10:00 o’clock Tuesday morning.

Chief James Donnelly of the Central Bucks Regional Police said that the accident occurred when the operator of a Ford 2006 was unable to make a proper halt at a red sign along Clemens Rd. and pulled into traffic at Main St.

The collision happened when a driver did not stop at the corner with stop sign that resulted to his vehicle to be struck by the other driver of the next vehicle.

Last Sunday afternoon a week ago, a 2-vehicle accident in Pa. claimed the life of one man and injured two others.

Police reported that the 1st vehicle was running northwards along Ogontz Ave. while the other car was driving southbound. When the 2nd car was negotiating a left turn towards Fisher Ave., it was hit by the vehicle going north.

A 2nd car male passenger in his 50’s was critically injured and was pronounced dead a few minutes after admission to the Einstein Medical Center.

Both drivers of the vehicles were rushed to the University Hospital of Temple and their injuries were considered as life-threatening.

Due to the crash, Ogontz Avenue was shut down for several hours but was later reopened.

Pending notification of nearest kin, the identity of the victim was not made public. Investigation to the cause of the accident is ongoing.

Road accidents all over the world are happening all the time and more than 90 percent of road wrecks are due to human error. Therefore, road safety program must be focused more on people who ply the roads every day. Majority of road accidents are caused by bad driving behavior as operators are: (1) driving recklessly; (2) speeding while under the influence of alcohol; (3) changing lanes without signaling; (4) driving on the hard shoulder; (5) passing through red lights; and other traffic infractions.

A ten-year-period from 2011 to 2020 was proclaimed by United Nations as the Decade of Action for Road Safety and it was official launch starting May 11 of 2011.

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