Philadelphia – Firefighters from Philadelphia extricated a seriously injured cab driver after his vehicle was wrecked by a drunken driver that rammed into his taxi.

Police reported that the cabbie, ager50, sustained multiple fractures after a head-on collision at about 3:00 o’clock Friday morning along 53rd South Street in West Philly.

It took approximately 20 minutes for firefighters to free the driver from his cab. He was brought to the Medical Center of Penn Presbyterian.

Authorities learned that the suspected drunken driver was running at top speed when his car collided head on with the cab of Philadelphia Taxi Company.

The alcohol impaired driver suffered non-life threatening injuries and is now facing a DUI charge.

Fortunately, only the drivers were in the vehicles.

After the collision, the driver was trapped inside the cab for around 20 minutes so Ems had to extricate him from the vehicle. He sustained fractured arms and was transported to the Presbyterian Hospital and remains in stable condition. The driver of the other vehicle was arrested on DUI charges. He was reported to suffer from minor injuries from deployment of his air bag.

Authorities continue to investigate the crash. They believed that the   key factor of the crash was a combination of alcohol and rate of speed. After collection of evidences, proper charges can be filed against the driver.

Every day thousands of taxicabs are travelling the streets of Philadelphia ferrying passengers to their destination. Many Philly residents opted to take taxis n lieu of their cars for several reasons: (1) parking difficulty. (2) stressful congestion of traffic; (3) intoxication; and several others. Cab drivers simply pick up passenger after passenger as most of them are in a hurry, and they are delivered to their desired destinations with no fuss.

Taxi drivers have also to manage their own problems like dealing with traffic, time pressures as well as distracting passengers. All of these factors can be a reason for road accidents that lead to serious injuries for their fares, commuters in their cars, bicyclists, and pedestrians. As other type of accident on the road, those injured in taxicab accidents due to someone else’s negligence deserve to be compensated by the responsible party.

Every day, taxi cab drivers are involved in many road accidents and many of this type of mishap are more complicated compared with ordinary vehicles plying the streets for many reasons.

In the state of Pa., cabs are mandated by law to insure individual passenger up to the amount of $15,000 per person and $30,000 for all the people involved in an accident. Although the standard of living and income gave changed, the amount remains unchanged since it became a law in 1974. In fact, the guidelines of the PPA remained as is..According to spokesperson Martin O’Rourke, until today, Philly cabs operate with the same minimum standards.

Although for the past decades, lawmakers have been saying those minimums should be raised..

If you or your loved one has been harmed or fatally injured due to negligence or someone else fault, contact an accident lawyer now for free consultation. You may be entitled to financial compensation for economic damages, as well as pain and suffering.

Source: Philly Com


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