As winter arrives in full swing, huge vehicles plying the road are dangerous. There have already several truck accidents. Including school bus accidents in and around Western Pennsylvania reported this winter. It appeared that another one occurred in Butler County that left at least one person critically injured.  A school bus of Butler County rear ended a commercial tanker truck along a country rural Butler County highway. Drivers of both vehicles were delivered to area hospitals.

Fortunately, the four high school students aboard the bus were not injured. The mishap occurred at about 1:00 o’clock high noon along State Rte. 422 in the Twp. of Summit in Butler County, located about 30 miles north of Pittsburgh. State police stated that the bus driver was airlifted via Life-Flight to the General Hospital of Allegheny in Pittsburgh’s North Side.

PA state trooper said although the injuries of the bus driver were non- life-threatening but the condition is not critical. Authorities believed that the seatbelt of the driver probably saved his life.

The commercial tanker operator was brought via ambulance to the Memorial Hospital of Butler following this complaint of severe pain in his back and neck. Police, however, said that they do not consider the injuries of the tanker driver as life-threatening.  The bus is labeled Hermitage Schools, but the students onboard were from Indiana Area School District.

Based on police report, the tanker was stopped at the corner, so they are probing further if the bus had mechanical trouble or if the bus driver suffered from a type of medical condition.

A school bus then crashed the back of an empty tanker truck along rural highway of western Pennsylvania that caused both drivers of vehicles to be transported to hospitals.

The four high school students on board were uninjured after the crash that occurred before 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon along Rte. 422 in the Twp. of Summit located about 30 miles north of Pittsburgh.

State police reported that the bus driver airlifted by helicopter ambulance to the General Hospital in Allegheny in Pittsburgh; the operator of the tanker was delivered by ambulance to the Butler Memorial Hospital after he started complaining of back pain. However, police said that either driver was not suffering from life-threatening injuries. Their identities were not publicly released.

According to Dan Bell who is Hermitage Superintendent said the contractor of the district from Student Transportation of America, was operating the vehicle to ferry students from another district. Indiana Area District Superintendent Dale Kirsch recounted that young folks were on their way to a music competition held at the Hickory High School under the Hermitage district.

Amy Marree, spokesperson of both Kirsch and county emergency service said that a teacher driving behind the bus in her personal vehicle brought four students to the Memorial Butler Hospital for evaluation but none of them were injured.

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Source: NBC Philadelphia Com


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