Is it safe to allow a 5-year-old boy to ride a chairlift alone? Last Saturday night, the owner of a Montgomery County ski area reported that a kid of 5-years was riding a chair lift by himself when he fell 30 feet to a snowy slope below.

The identity of the youngster, as well as his condition was not available Sunday. He was airlifted to Philadelphia’s Children’s Hospital after the accident that happened in Schwenksville’s Spring Mountain Adventures.

Ski area owner, Rick Buckman said that the boy was wearing a helmet when he fell and did not lose consciousness. The boy sustained cut on his face and according to ski patrol members, he might suffered a leg injury.

Buckman said that parents or adults skiing with children are free to decide whether a child can ride the lift unaccompanied; but he did question whether it was a good idea for parents to allow young kids to ride alone.

Brendella Adkins resident from Philadelphia, who was with accompanying her niece and daughter, believed that the lift was safe but young children need supervision.

Nadiyah Young, age 23, who is Adkin’s niece, said that parent made the decision but the place should have rules and regulations for safety.

Buckman stated that he got conflicting reports that the safety bar was up or down and if anyone was supervising the child. His employees assisted the skiers onto the lift and instructed them to lower the safety bar.

Buckman added that his ski area has no liability since parents or adults know their children and their abilities. There are young children who ride lifts by themselves that they do not recommend; however, certain amount of personal responsibility goes along here.

It was a perfect Sunday afternoon for skiing with just the right temperatures in the high 30s; the sunshine was great with no wind. Parents and kids enjoyed the snow at Spring Mountain and were surprised to see that the 5-year-old had been on his own.

Several people claimed that the ski patrol that Sunday was not allowing children to ride the lifts without adults. Eight-years-old Jimmy McFadden from Maple Glen, who was accompanied by his dad, James P. McFadden said that the ski patrol were telling kids they have to ski with their mom or dad or a grown-up.

Parents Cynthia and Glenn with sons Kyle, age 10 and Ethan, age 8 were appalled by the accident but they did not allow it to keep them from enjoying the day. Glenn Roberts of Spring City said that that there will always be risks; but like other parents were wondering why a five-year-old was allowed to ride the lift alone. Parents are absolutely responsible for their child’s safety.

Buckman stressed that the lift was thoroughly checked the fall and there was no malfunction, no chair malfunction and no restraint malfunction.

He said that falls are rare and during his 15 years at the lodge, only about two or three” riders have fallen.

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Source: NBC Philadelphia Com

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