Motorists received dire warning from the PennDOT and Pennsylvania Turnpike authoritys to temporarily lower their speed limit; while certain commercial vehicles are restricted to pass some parts of its roadways following snow forecast.

Prediction of ?a coming wintry storm affecting half of the state, speeds on the Pa. Turnpike may be reduced to 45 MPH along the Harrisburg East Interchange or ?Exit #247 and the Delaware River Bridge or Exit #359) including extension at the Northeastern Extension this evening and the rest of the night. All commercial trucks are restricted by Pa. Turnpike to haul multiple trailers, including those rigs hauling empty trailers from traveling in these areas.

Every time forthcoming weather system produces large amounts of snow PennDOT is authorized to reduce/restrict speeds and limits commercial vehicles along Interstates in the Philadelphia and Pocono Mountain regions.

In fact, Pa. Turnpike and PennDOT officials are advising motorists to travel along these areas only if necessary. Meantime, crews will be out treating continuously the roadways. The road authoritys objective during a storm is to keep roads passable as they have no means to keep the way totally free of snow or ice.

Before going to their destination, motorists must check conditions of Pa. Turnpike and even while traveling, they can use their Smart mobile for direction of travel and location and listen to audio advisories.

This can also visit websites to be updated of conditions on Pas more than 40,000 roadway miles, to include color-coded winter conditions on 2,900 miles that is provided free and open 24/7. It announces traffic delay warnings, gives weather forecasts, informs on traffic speed and entry to more than 700 traffic cameras.

Authorities reported of a multi-car pileups consisting of dozens of vehicles due to icy conditions on the Philadelphia area interstates that claimed at most four lives and caused a dozen injuries that Sunday. Unfortunately, it was only a part of more than hundreds of crashes reported all across eastern Pennsylvania.

State police in Philly stated that Eric Blau, age 31 and resident of Philadelphia was killed after he got out of his vehicle that was disabled by the snow along I-76 at about 6:40 oclock Sunday morning. He was hit by another vehicle that officials pointed out as one of the transport first struck in a series of crashes that involved more than 60 conveyances on the icy roadway. The pile-up accident injured approximately 30 people, and shut down the highway for the rest of the day.

Nearly 150 trucks were sent out by PennDOT to treat roadways before daybreak, when they knew that conditions would be slippery.

Emergency dispatchers are on their toes responding to more than 80 calls for ice-related accidents in Northampton County; 100 in Bucks County and 100 in Lehigh County; with some involving emergency vehicles plus an additional 75 from Montgomery County.

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