After tractor-trainer fell to an embankment at Lower Pottsgrove Townships on-ramp at Armand Hammer Blvd., a truck driver of Shippensburg was found driving with a suspended license that might even worsen his charges.

While investigating the crash, authorities closed the westbound lanes for about two hours to the consternation of motorists during the morning rush.

The driver, identified as James Monahan, age 55, will be facing numerous violations: (1) driving with suspended license; (2) driving at an unsafe speed; (3) reckless driving; (4) careless driving; and (5) failure to wear a seat belt.

Ranveer Trucking Inc, the company that owns the vehicle, including its proprietor, ?Rupinder Sidhu, age 42, resident of Harrisburg, were charged for allowing their driver to operate their vehicle with suspended license and a title violation.

At about 7:22 oclock in the morning, Monahan was driving a tractor trailer when he hit the concrete median and the guide rail just before the ramp entrance. The vehicle swerved to the right side of the road, went over the ramp and fell into the embankment. Ems found him unconscious in the cab.

Crews from Sanatoga Fire Company extricated him from the cab and the Pottstown Goodwill Ambulance delivered him to Reading Hospital while he regained consciousness along the way

Officials are concerned as more than half-dozen crashes of large trucks occurred at the exit of Armand Hammer Boulevard along Route 422 westbound.

The most common cause was drivers losing control of their rigs and the huge transports usually slipped down the embankment behind the Days Inn.

After the latest wreck, Michael Foltz who is Police proposed to PennDOT to install a guide rail along the Rte 422 westbound to avert the crashes. The rail will start from the edge of the construction zone all around the exit of Armand Hammer Boulevard. Last week, PennDOT workers installed the guide rail.

The danger of the way without the guard rail caused so much wreck like the case tractor trailer driver that crashed and blocked west-bound Rte. 422.

Unfortunately the driver Monahan did not only crashed but was discovered to be driving with suspended license. Ranveer Trucking Inc. and its proprietor Rupinder Sidhu, which employed Monahan, is facing charges as well.

EMS responded to the call and found the unconscious Monahan inside the sleeper section at the rear of the truck cab; however, he regained consciousness prior to being transported to Reading Hospital where he was treated for head injury.

The conclusion of the police was that the accident occurred when the truck of Monahan traveling west along Rte. 422 hit the concrete barrier and guardrail at the east of the interchange. They know that this is a dangerous site where numerous accidents took place since construction began there.

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