Pittsburgh. ? At least a woman, age 25 who was in her 9th month of pregnancy was hit by a car Tuesday afternoon in the parking lot of Wal-Mart in Twp. of Mahoning.

The incident happened at 3:13 oclock in the afternoon as the woman was walking inside the parking lot carrying her 2-year-old child. They were both knocked down to the ground by an oncoming vehicle. The woman provided treatment at the scene by the medical staff of Mahoning Valleys ambulance unit and the paramedics of Lehighton prior to her delivery to the Trauma Center of Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown.

Mahoning Township police continue their investigation but gave no information regarding the condition of the child.

It was almost a miracle that the woman was alive and under treatment unlike the similar tragic incident last November. For about half minute, the pregnant woman was lying down and pinned between the minivan and the wall unable to move. Witnesses outside the Rite Aid Pharmacy qt the North Side told police that they were shouting at a senior driver who was unaware that he had driven up over the curb in the process of backing up.

The unlucky pregnant woman involved in the tragic accident was identified as Jodie Guthrie, age 30, residing in the North Side. She died shortly after the Wednesday afternoon accident; however, thanks to quick action of the doctors, her baby lived.

George Weatherwalk, partner of Guthrie said that they last time he saw her, she was setting up a playpen and organizing supplies for their baby, who was after 2 weeks.

Weatherwalk said that Guthrie was probably squatting outside the Rite Aid to rest when she was hit by a van. Police identified the driver as Allen Massie, age 88. Police considered the death of the woman as accidental, and presently, no charge was filed against the driver.

Timely action of the doctors at Allegheny General Hospital saved the child, as they performed emergency cesarean section. The baby lived but remained in critical condition as of Wednesday night at Pittsburgh Childrens Hospital of UPMC in Lawrenceville.

Now, police are now figuring what happened in that parking lot that day shortly before 4:00 oclock in the afternoon. Witnesses saw the vehicle of Massie pulling into a parking space but accelerated over the curb and hit Guthrie, who sitting against the wall.

Authorities believed that the nearing nonagenarian driver may have step on the cars accelerator instead of the brake.

Cmdr. Brackney said that the police are checking if the senior behind the wheel was taking medications that could have impaired his driving.

Massie, accompanied by his 61-year-old wife, was taken to police headquarters for questioning. He said he was not aware what had happened. The couple was extremely upset about the accident, especially the demise of Guthrie died half an hour after the accident.

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