Philadelphia ? Last Thursday morning, an officer of the Philadelphia police sustained right-leg injury after he was dragged by a car after he tried to stop a vehicle that morning.

It was about 11:30 oclock that morning when the incident started at the Strawberry Mansion of the section located at the corner of W. Susquehanna Avenue and 32nd Street.

According to the report, Officer Joseph Kochmer and his partner told a car to stop for a traffic violation.

Richard Ross who is Deputy Police Commissioner learned that the driver was very evasive when apprehensive by Officer Kochmer and his partner.

Police officers noted that the driver?appeared nervous and was moving around in the vehicle. Dep Com Ross stated that when the officers halted their vehicle, the behavior of the driver was very evasive and not giving the correct answers consequently from the start, it aroused suspicion.

The officers checked the cars registration and discovered that its license plate number did not match the car.

When Officer Kochmer again approached the car and ordered the driver to get out of the vehicle, Ross saw that the operator tried to speed away. Ross said it was then that Officer Kochmer took out his gun and the suspect tried to take his weapon. The aggressive driver was identified by police as Dominique Fallins, age 23, tried to take his weapon. Ross said that the driver?then speed off and dragged Officer Kochmer along.

According to Ross Officer Kochmer was dragged by the car that injured his right leg.

Fallins fled from the scene, pursued by the police and was later arrested when he reached Block 2500 along North 32nd St. He sustained minor abrasions to his left arm from broken glass particles.

As Officer Kochmer was firing a shot,?he was struck by the vehicle.

After a gunshot, Aaron Mines of the neighborhood heard a car skidding off.

Officer Kochmer, age 32 years and a veteran for five years in the force, injured his right leg and was treated at Temple Hospital but soon released Thursday evening.

Fallins will be facing the charges: (1) Attempted Murder; (2) Aggravated Assault; (3) Fleeing Police; and (4) other related offenses.

Investigation is ongoing..

State laws mandated that any individual can be charged with aggravated assault by merely attempting to commit or to cause?bodily injury to a member of a protected class. Protected class members include, among others, firefighters, parking enforcement officers, police officers and teachers.

As police are not allowed to act illegally, roughen up or abuse private citizens, one of the first things they do is to arrest suspect for aggravated assault so they are able to protect their own actions. Consequently, most individuals facing felony such as charges of aggravated assault for trying to hit officers who are investigating a crime, or they even attempt to hit officers with? their car or commit other antagonistic action.

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Source: Philadelphia CBS Local Com