Bensalem shopping center on Thanksgiving night witnessed a assaulting and trying to run over his wife with his vehicle, at the same time harming his teen son in the parking lot of the mall.

Abraham Bhatti, age 48former resident of Philadelphia, fled the scene that night, Authorities tried to contact him over the phone but he blamed his spouse and children for the incident and refused to surrender to police; however, he was arrested Sunday night.

According to Bensalem police, Bhatti, his wife and their four children ages 7 to 14 were out shopping; but prior to this family affair, Bhatti had an active protection from abuse order against him. His wife informed police that she and her husband were getting along.

That day, she alleged that her husband was impaired with alcohol and started an altercation with her after she purchased for her hungry kids. While she was driving the minivan, Bhatti hit their son in the face as he was eating a hamburger. With growing apprehension, she pulled into the parking lot of a shopping center in Block 2300 of Street Rd. Bringing her children; she got out of the vehicle.

As the woman and children were running, Bhatti took control of the minivan van started driving toward his wife. She was running close to the sidewalk but he parked the van beside her, grabbed her by her hair and jacket. Forcefully dragging her inside the vehicle, he started punching her while the vehicle was moving.

Police said the woman was able to free herself and jumped out of the van; she injured her arm and leg. She was still able to rise and ran into a local business where the manager called police.

The manager narrated to authorities that he was working near the front desk when the woman came in and frantically asked for help. The manager hid the woman and children in his office when Bhatti looking for his family, briefly apologized when he could not find them and then left.

There was a witness that corroborated the wifes account of what her husband did in the parking lot. The 14-year-old daughter of Bhatti also told police that she saw her father punching her mother in the back of her head with a tight fist. The woman and children did not accept medical treatment.

Bhatti was arrested and now facing the following charges: (1) aggravated assault; (2) simple assault; and (3) other related offenses. Arraigned before Judge Leonard Brown of the District last Sunday, he was sent to prison of Bucks County prison in lieu of a 10 percent bail of $150,000.

Some husbands believed that running over their wives by vehicle is the most satisfactory way to vent their anger. Last October, Brian Patrick Weyhenmeyer, age 32 was apprehended following the death of his wife, Jennifer Lynn Weyhenmeyer.

According to the police, Brian ran over his wife in Oct. 12 behind a shopping center along Block 3200 of Crain Highway.

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