Hampden Township – The interchange was the site of a mishap Friday afternoon?where an in pedestrian was injured. At about 8:30 oclock that evening officials said that traffic was average in volume and free-flowing at the corner of I-81 and Rte. 581.

According to the PennDOT, the interchange was the scenario of a mishap afternoon of Friday afternoon?where a pedestrian was hit in an incident causing the closure of Rte. 581 going west toward I-81 north.

State police spokesperson Trooper Robert Hicks said that the victim was airlifted from the site by the ambulance helicopter of Life Lion.

Hicks said that at about 5:30 oclock late afternoon, the heavy traffic still continues near interchange 81 and Route 581.

Life Lion responded to the scene of the accident on Westside Rte, 581 late Friday afternoon. Emergency crews were first arriving as they answered for a call involving a crash at about 4:15 oclock that late afternoon.

Department of Public Safety of Cumberland County stated there is a heavy traffic jam so vehicles are diverted to I-81 south.

Forty-five minutes after four, the backlogs in almost every direction of travel at the interchange were thinning out.

The Route 581 incident west affected motorists heading toward I- 81 north that caused the closure of the interstate, this was announced by county communications.

The backed up situation due to the incident near Rte. 581s Exit 1A that was indicated by the PennDOT cameras.

The wreck happened when a PennDOT employee was hit by a vehicle last Friday afternoon along the ramp starting westbound Rte. 581 until I- to northbound I- 81 northbound in Hampden Township, Cumberland County.

Spokesperson for PennDOT said that the employee got out of his truck while at the scene of a previous crash was hit and thrown about 20 feet into the snow by the impact. The victim is a member of PennDOTs Beltway Patrol.

He was airlifted to a hospital by helicopter ambulance. The state of his injuries is still confidential but he was conscious and responding to questions at the scene.

The accident caused slowing of traffic along the eastbound lanes in Rte. 581, near the exit for Trindle Road in Hampden Township, at the mile marker 4.8.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is investigating the incident to find out the cause and key factor. They consider the condition of the road, the condition of the vehicle, the influence of alcohol or drugs, the use of distractive devices and others. BAC test will determine the presence of addicting substances.

Accidents in interstates are common as thousands of motorists ply the highway every day. Traffic is beginning to back in the area of the accident.

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