Joyce Thorpe, a woman from Uniontown sustained injury in a vehicle mishap after a horse escaped from the Fairgrounds of Fayette County last July and galloped into the adjoining highway. She has filed a claim suit versus the horse owner, as well as the management of the fairgrounds.

A Pittsburg attorney, representing the plaintiff filed the civil complaint before the Court of Fayette County last week.

In the suit, Thorpe claimed that the owner of the horse, identified as Mark Alan Wilson, resident of Scottdale, and the Agricultural Improvement Association of Fayette County were both negligent during that night of July 31, when an ongoing fireworks display frightened Wilsons horse that caused the horse to stampede out of the fairgrounds toward an oncoming traffic along Route 119.

Vincent Marsero who was driving an SUV hit and killed the horse. Thorpe who was traveling in the same direction encountered the crash in her car and was not able to avoid colliding with the vehicle of Marsero.

Due to the crash, she sustained among other injuries: (1) five fractured ribs; (2) lung trauma; (3) multiple foot fractures; and damage to her spine that left her impaired permanently.

Thorpe also cited Agricultural Improvement Association for being irresponsible and careless executing safety policies and procedures, especially sufficient physical barriers in place to keep their horses from getting out of the fairgrounds. They do not even maintain the proper policies or procedures to keep their horses ??away from the fireworks shows. The management was accused the association for their failure to warn those handling horses at the fair to keep the animals restrained while the fireworks went off.

Furthermore, Thorpe claimed Wilson for his negligence and carelessness in not properly securing his horse by using the necessary equipment to keep it from escaping, being negligent to restrict the horse to a trailer under possible conditions available at the fairgrounds, and failure to restrain the animal for he was aware of the schedule of the fireworks demonstration.

The fireworks display was part of the event and was originally scheduled for Sunday but due to inclement weather, it was move to Thursday, when the weather was favorable. Thursday night was time for a rodeo competition, which was done before the fireworks started.

Thorpe claimed for damages in excess of $50,000.

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