Christiana, Pa. ? Last month, three people were injured in a horse-drawn buggy wreck involving a man from Lancaster County who is charged in a hit-and-run crash.

The suspect, identified as Michael Lee Roe, age 34, resident of Kinzers, was charged last Friday with the following: (1) three counts of accidents involving injury or death; (2) tampering with evidence; and (3) three summary violations.

According to Lancaster state police, Roe hit the buggy while it was getting out of a driveway in Block 6400 block in White Oak Rd. in Sadsbury Twp. four days after Christmas. ?Roe hurriedly made a U-turn and fled from the scene.

The hit-and-run driver who was responsible for injuring three people in the buggy is now the object of police search in Lancaster County.

State police reported that the buggy was pulling out of a driveway along White Oak Road when it was hit on the left side by a Honda sedan colored either silver or gray at 6:45 oclock Monday evening.

The driver fled west after it hurriedly negotiated a U-turn. Investigators were able to recognize the vehicle as it has a damage in the front bumper, hood and right side plus a missing right front headlight.

The people in the buggy were a 37-year-old man, a 37-year-old woman and a 60-year-old woman who were injured. Their names and medical conditions were not released.

Charging documents showed how Roe tried to eliminate the evidence by stripping his 1999 Honda Civic. Police found a Honda side mirror and other parts at the crash site. They also receive a tip that Roe was the owner of the Honda fitting the description. Sometime after the accident, the car was towed from Roes home to his grandfathers house in Atglen.

Troopers immediately went to the grandfathers home and found that the cars roof had been cut and stripped of its doors, hood and bumpers. But the damage found on the hood, front bumper and grill matched the evidence from the scene of the crash.

Roe denied hitting the horse and buggy and told police that he struck a deer.

His father told the trooper that his son struck a horse and buggy and ran away from the scene because he was scared. Roe told him about it and they began stripping the car apart so it would not be recognized when authorities would come.

The three Christiana residents were in the buggy on their way to make a Christmas call to friends. But they ended up in the hospital with the 37-year-old man suffering from a broken bone in his face; the 37-year-old woman sustaining broken collar bone and a broken cheek bone, and the 60-year-old woman was diagnosed with a concussion.

Roe, the hit-and-run driver who destroyed his car to hide evidence will face charges in court.

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