James McNair’s family stated that the lawsuit filed versus Wal-Mart following the auto accident that killed the comedian, aka Jimmy Mack and injured family friend, Tracy Morgan had reached settlement.

However, Pamela McNair who is McNair’s sister said that the agreed amount is confidential; it is just between both parties that were satisfactory for all concerned.

Although, she added that her brother’s life is invaluable that no amount is an adequate payment in terms of finances, it will go a long way to help the family continue living.

Pamela said that McNair has two children: Jamel, age 26 and Danita, age 19. Being the oldest of seven siblings, he cared so much for his family.

Wal-Mart said that nothing can ever change what happened so that the compromise   agreed by the company and the McNair family was the best option. Wal-Mart promised that they will continue to work with the others involved in the accident and will not stop their assistance.

It will be recalled that last June, Wal-Mart truck rear-ended the limousine van with passengers Morgan, McNair and his companions who were traveling along on the N. J.Turnpike. The crash claimed the life of McNair, critically injured Morgan and the other passengers.

NTSB made a prelim report that Wal-Mart truck was running 20 mph over the legal speed limit, and that the driver was exhausted due to lack of sleep.

When four parties filed a suit against Wal-Mart, they claimed that the negligence of the defendants was the biggest factor in causing injuries of plaintiffs.

Pamela McNair said the humanitarian legacy of her brother will continue and the fund from the settlement will help.

McNair stated that Jimmy has done much for the community. He was always after the welfare of the youth in the community; as well as the assistance he provided for homeless shelter. His contributions will be truly missed.

Jimmy was a great comedian and a good family person first &foremost and he loved life motivating others to love life as well. He was a lover of humanity.

McNair was commended by the mayor of his hometown, Peekskill, New York by designating June 12 in his honor. It was the best way for the community to give back and thank someone who did his best to serve the people.

In the meantime, the lawyer of Tracy Morgan informed the media that his client is still recovering from the car accident where he sustained severe brain injury and endeavors to return to the person he once was.

McNair said that her family has not been able to contact Morgan family but she is hoping and praying for his full recovery. She is aware that Tracey and her brother shared very long relationship as friends.

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