It was unexpected that two officers of the police would join a victim they were transporting a gunshot victim to the University Hospital of Temple University that occurred after their car crashed with two other cars at a corner in Philadelphia.

At about 3:00 o’clock Wednesday morning, a shooting transpired along Block 2400 of Hollywood St. in North Philly.

Philadelphia official reported that a police cruiser was on its way to a hospital delivering a shooting victim. The lights and sirens of the patrol car were on when it was involved in an overnight crash with two other cars, both of which had drivers without licenses.

Prior to the wreck, police officer were picking up the shooting victim to transport him in the police car to Temple Hospital.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Sm reported that the cruiser had its sirens and lights activated but it was hit by two other vehicles. The two officers and the people in the both vehicles sustained non-life threatening injuries. The male shooting victim, age 24, was treated and remained in stable condition despite the three bullet wounds on his legs.

The wreck of the cruiser, the Chevy Camaro and the Lexus and a Chevrolet Camaro happened at around 3:00 o’clock in the morning at the corner of West Lehigh Ave. and North 25th St. while the officers were traveling to the University Hospital of Temple to deliver one shooting victim.

The crash occurred happened when a Lexus 1993 ES 300 that was going north on the 25th St. hitting the police cruiser that was eastbound on Lehigh Avenue.

The two crashing vehicles then slammed a Chevrolet2014 Camaro that was stopping for a red light at the corner.

The officer operating police car was transported to the Temple’s hospital sustaining concussion and got five stitches while the other officer was hospitalized suffering from back, leg and neck pains. But the victim of the shooting accident had no injuries.

The Lexus driver was treated for chest pain, while the Camaro operator was treated for abdominal, back and neck pains.

Prior to the mishap, the officers came from a shooting scene at Block 2900 of West Cumberland Street. Responding to a call, they found victim on the ground sustaining gunshot wounds on his right leg and left hip.

He told authorities that two unknown men and told him that he knows what it is all about. Then one of the assailants began shooting as victim jumped away. The gunmen fled heading north along Block 2500 of North Myrtlewood Street.

Although the drivers of the civilian cars did not have licenses, police have not yet filed charges to civilian drivers, both aged 29 as they are still confined in the Temple but both in stable condition.

Added circumstance was that drivers of the two civilian cars did not have licenses.

Small commented that he was wondering if the two drivers of the civilian vehicles had any experienced as motorists.

Both men who were driving without licenses were charged by authorities. According to Small, they are continuing their investigation of the crash.

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