A tragic fire ended the life of a veteran, age 79 and residing in Roselyn St. that is located at Philly’s Ogotz section. Early Thursday morning, emergency crews were able to carry out a partially impaired paralyzed ale senior from an inflamed residence but he succumbed less than an hour later.

Firefighters arrived at the scene and were able to rescue septuagenarian from a home on fire located at Block 1800 in Roselyn St. in the neighborhood of city’s Ogontz section at about 1:15 o’clock in the morning.

Authorities immediately rushed the victim who sustained a 2nd degree burns over 18% of his body, to the Medical Center of Albert Einstein, where he expired at around 2:09 o’clock that morning.

The death of this military veteran marks the first fire fatality in Philly in 2015.

Investigators are investigating the cause of the conflagration that consumed almost the entire back of the home in Roselyn St.

Three days after the New Year, three people are transported to a hospital that Saturday morning following a row home fire that destroyed three homes along South 68th street in Southwest Philadelphia late Friday night.

As the blaze tore down a Southwest Philadelphia street that Friday night, a man and a woman leaped from the windows of their homes to escape the intense flames.

According to fire officials, the blaze started around 9:00 o’clock that evening and spread to three houses along the Block 2200 at S. 68th Street.

The fire filled the night sky coming from the front and back windows of one row home as firefighters broke the ventilation holes in the roof to knock back the flames.

Offocials reported that a man in his late 70’s and a woman in early her 30’s jumped from a 2nd floor window to escape the fire.

Both victims were transported to the University Hospital of Pennsylvania. The senior broke his femur and the woman complained of leg pain.

A third person who was not yet identified was delivered to the hospitalized after suffering some injuries from the fire.

Police and firefighters were the first to arrive and started rescuing residents from at least one of the homes.

Three homes were gutted by the blaze and families of 20 with children were being displaced. Fifteen homes around the area were left without power.

As usual, the American Red Cross came to help the residents.

Annually, United States has around 1 million people suffering from burn injuries that require medical treatment plus an estimated 4,500 deaths, excruciating suffering and often permanently disabling injuries.

Cited as common of fires are: (1) faulty wiring or plumbing; (2) auto accidents; (3) unsafe workplaces; (3) poorly maintained smoke alarms; (4) residence lacking the devices; and (5) defective products, including flammable fabrics.

CDC noted that deaths from fires and burns is considered as the fifth most common causes of unintentional critical injury leading to deaths in the United States and number 3 leading cause of fatal injuries in homes.

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