A pit bull was loose on a torn house in Brewery St. that caused injury to a police officer in Philadelphia Sunday afternoon.

Police recounted that at about1:30 o’clock that afternoon, the dog was attacking civilians and officers near Girard Ave. and 30th St.

The only option of the officers was to discharge their weapons and Tasers at the pit bull; however, it was not reported that the dog was killed.

One officer sustained dog bite to his right arm and was rushed to the University Hospital in Hahnemann. According to hospital staff, the police officer is in stable condition.

The dog attack happened that Sunday afternoon at a section of Brewery town of Philadelphia. One resident said that they shouting at her to go back to the house and she watched the scene from her window. Philadelphia Police had no other choice but to shoot a dog after it got out and starting attacking people in the street.

Police were firing several shots that killed a Pit Bull after it bit an officer and several other residents. The dog was put down in the middle of 30th Street and Girard Avenue.

An onlooker said that everybody was scared, including the cops.

Investigators reported that it all started a bit after 1:00 o’clock that afternoon when two Pit Bulls were able to escape from the yard and charged across towards Girard Ave. towards to a resident that kept two other Pit Bulls.

A police was trying to get the situation under control but he was also attack by the dogs.

According to one resident, the cop was running for his life as those dogs were big and fierce. Another resident said that one cop tried to incapacitate the dog using the taser gun, but was unsuccessful. Police stated that even one of the dog owners sustained a bite. Police reported that a biker and another man walking by the scene were bitten as well. Animal Control caught the other dogs after one Pit Bull was killed.

Police enumerated the injured: (1) one officer had a cut under his chin from a fragment or concrete that ricochet; (2) another officer needed three sutures to close up a puncture wound; and (3) the 35-year- old man who is the owner of the dogs had three sutures to close bite wounds to his right arm and knee that were injuries he sustained when he attempted to secure his dogs; (4) two other people were harmed on the street as a result of the dogs attacking them; (5) a man of 30 years has his left index finger bitten; and (6) a man of 63 years was bitten at the right leg.

All victims of dog-bite were immediately transported to Umiversity Hospital of Hahnemann. Neighbors commented that this was the first time it happened as they never had a problem before with any of the Pit Bulls.

The incident is currently under investigation.

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