Two pedestrians darted into the ongoing traffic on Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia one Saturday morning and a car struck and killed them.

It was a little after 6:00 oclock in the morning when the man and woman ran into Roosevelt Boulevards northbound lanes just near Borbeck Ave. when they were hit by a blue Honda 1998 Accord.

Emergency crew pronounced the dead at the scene while they rushed the woman to Hospital of Aria-Torresdale where she was pronounced dead at 7:00 oclock that morning.

Police are trying to identify the victims; they only knew that two people died after they were hit by a vehicle in NE Philadelphia early Saturday morning.

The police responded to a call on Block 7600 in Roosevelt Blvd at about 6:00 oclock in the morning. Investigators learned that both victims hastened into the traffic and were run over by a Honda 1998 Accord that was going north.

The police discovered that one of the victims was an 80-year-old woman whom they rushed to Torresdale but was pronounced dead a short time after admittance. The other male victim was hit and pronounced dead at the scene.

The operator of the vehicle stopped at the scene and cooperated with the police.

It was an unfortunate Saturday morning in Philadelphia as a series of car and pedestrian accidents already garnered four lives within four hours.

Police reported that the series of accidents started at about 2:15 oclock in the morning when an operator who was under the influence drove into a utility pole along Stenton Ave, near Logan St. His passenger died and now he is under police custody.

After a while, in the Cobbs Creek section, a man, age 69, died after he plowed into a line of five parked cars along Block 5000?at Haverford Ave.

One hour later, the police responded to a call at Venango and Broad Sts. where a woman was hit by two cars. Only one of the drivers stopped the other one fled from the scene. The police is looking for him. The victim sustained extremely critical injuries.

Then, at about 6:30 oclock that morning, the male and female pedestrians were killed after they were hit by car as they crossed Roosevelt Blvd. at the corner of Hartel Ave.

Authorities are investigating all these accidents.

It was confirmed that yesterday, a multi-vehicle mishap happened along Roosevelt Blvd. that caused traffic jam during the morning commuters.

The crash took place after 6:30 oclock in the morning along the southbound lanes of the Blvd. near the exit of Fox Street.

Investigators reported that a tanker crashed into at least one other vehicle.

Due to the crash, all lanes going south were shut down; but at around 7:15 oclock that morning, the right lane was opened. Finally, all lanes were opened after 8:00 oclock.

There was no report of the persons injured as the police are still investigating the crash.

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