South Brunswick ? After being purchased by a township man, a newly- purchased Nissan Altima was destroyed after it erupted into flames.

According to the police, it was about around 11:00 oclock Monday afternoon when a township man of 43 years was driving a newly bought Nissan 2013 Altima when he noted smoke in the vehicle.

Police narrated that the man stopped over at the Northumberland Way to check the vehicle. After he got out of the vehicle and checked under the hood, he saw that flames were shooting from the engine. The man immediately called 911.

The police from South Brunswick responded to the call, the Nissan was engulfed in flames. After exerting efforts quenching the flames, the fire was finally extinguished by crew from the Fire Department of Monmouth Junction.

Police reported that there was no injuries; but the sad news was the vehicle that ran only for less than 6,000 miles, was totally damaged.

It was a great waste when a newly purchased 2013 car that only ran about 6,000 miles was destroyed then it burst into flames just after it was pulled over along South Brunswick.

According to the police, at around 11:00 noon, a South Brunswick man was driving his can going home from work when he noticed that smoke was coming out of his car. The man said he had recently purchased the Nissan 2013 Altima, so he immediately pulled over along Northumberland Way to determine what the problem was.

After he exited from his vehicle, he looked under the hood and saw that flames were coming out from the engine. Fearing the worse, he immediately dialed 911.

Even before the arrival of the South Brunswick Police officers, the vehicle was already engulfed in flames. The crew from the Monmouth Junction Fire Department arrived at the scene and after some time was able to quench the fire. No injuries were reported.

Based on magazine and news report, the manufacturers took great pride in unveiling their Nissan 2013 Altima. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration already awarded a five-star safety rating and it scored well on all the new IIHS tests that included: (1) front; (2) side; (3) rollover; (4) rear; and (5) small overlap frontal.

According to Nissan Maker, their top priorities are safety for both driver and passenger that is why they created features like the availability of Safety Shield technologies. Bob Yakushi, Nissans director of product safety, announced that the Altima 2013 Nissan is most innovative car ever manufactured by the company and its Top Safety Pick Plus that was designed by IIHS truly reflected the best in design and engineering that have been devoted to any car to make it stand out in its class.

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