Philadelphia City ? After a tractor-trailer jackknifed on I-95, southbound, major traffic delays took place in the Center City last Monday afternoon.

The mishap occurred along the Vine Street Expressway on-ramp.

Nearing rush hours, crews worked hurriedly to clear the scene. As investigation is on-going, no other detail was released regarding the crash

Last month saw a multi-vehicle crash involving a tractor trailer that caused tumult on I-476 that Friday afternoon.

The mishap happened along the lanes southbound of Interstate 476 very near the on-ramp for I- 76 in the West Conshocken at about 11:30 oclock in the morning.

At least, it involved two other cars that caused the tractor-trailer to jackknife across the expressway. Four people sustained injuries and were delivered to the local hospital for treatment.

Pennsylvania State Police warned motorists to expect delays as crews work to clear the disabled vehicles but they assured that the way will should be fully reopened by rush hour.

Part of Pennsylvanias westbound Turnpike was closed following an accident involving a tractor-trailer. The way between Norristown and Fort Washington and Norristown was closed after a truck jackknifed at about 4:40 oclock in the morning.

The truck spilled debris onto the road that required the emergency crews to clean area and remove the truck from the roadway. To make matter worse, a piece of concrete barrier broke off during the crash and fell into the eastbound passing lane.

Police warned motorists of big delays in the area; but the crash had a ripple effect for all westbound traffic at the Turnpike was being retoured to the Interchange at Fort Washington. Emergency crews successfully removed all obstacles by 8:15 oclock in the morning and traffic was reopened.

Jackknifing accident happens then the trailers attached to tractor trucks swing out and rest at an angle of 90-degree from the truck. Trailers in this case are dangerous as they can injure people and other vehicles when they are in the process of jackknifing before it makes a complete stop. When a big truck is speeding or going too fast is that it jackknifes, there is a possibility for the truck to roll over to either side, which can result in an even worse truck accident.

The jackknifing of a truck is not adequate to prove the negligence of driver. Some reasonable causes of jackknifing are not considered as negligence; for instance, when the truck driver applied the brakes or swerved suddenly, in order to (1) avoid hitting someone who ran in front of the truck; or (2) avoid hitting a stalled car.

In this case, you may have to prove the negligence of some other responsible party, such as the trucking company, the driver of the stalled vehicle, etc.

If you or your loved one has been harmed or fatally injured in a vehicular accident caused by another driver, contact an Auto?accident attorney?now.

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