Authorities reported that last Saturday evening, a police cruiser that was answering a call was involved in a collision with a pickup truck that appeared to be a case of hit-and-run that sent two victims to the hospital.

A police spokesperson stated that there were conflicting reports about the specific number of people injured; it might be only one officer and one passenger in the pickup was hospitalized. A personnel from the accident investigation division said that two officers inside the cruiser were transported to the University Hospital of Pennsylvania but hospital staff said that they are in a stable condition.

It was around 5:30 oclock in the afternoon when the collision occurred at the corner of Tasker and 26th Streets. According to Officer Eddie Velez, it was not immediately clear who of the two vehicles was responsible of the crash.

Spokesperson Christine O’Brien said that after the passenger was transported to the hospital; the driver of the pickup fled from the scene. Due to the wreck, the cruiser erupted into flame although circumstances were not clear about how it ignited.

Investigation is ongoing to get at the bottom of the crash.

Yesterday, police reported that two people were critically injured following a hit-and-run crash of a horse & buggy and a pickup truck near Buck.

According to witnesses, the horse and buggy was rear-ended by a vehicle at about 6:00 oclock in the afternoon in front of the Papa Joe’s Pizza, located at No.1027 Lancaster Pike in Rte. 272.

State police Trooper Elisha Bomberger stated that riding the buggy were a man and woman in their early 20s who are residents of Ronks. They were traveling along the way when a pickup truck hit them from behind. They both sustained serious injuries and were immediately transported to the General Hospital of Lancaster.

A witness was surprised to see that about 200 members of the Amish community arrived at the scene right after the crash. The victims might have been one with their community.

Bomberger said that some witnesses of the mishap told him that the pickup truck was dark color and a Dodge. After the crash, the truck was seen fleeing from the scene and traveling northward towards Rte. 272.

Investigators said that the vehicle will have damage on its front grill and fender area. This is one given clue of the pickup involved.

Aside from arresting the driver and finding the truck, the police would like to get more information of what happened so they are requesting individuals who have added information to come forward.

They may leave info on the tip line 4PA-tips of call Lancaster City/County Crime Stoppers.

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Source: Philly Com