Within a span of four hours early Saturday morning, four crashes happened in Philadelphia that caused the death of five victims. Authorities said that one of the factors must have been the weather as it has been raining the whole day.

Accident No. 1 – Just before 2:00 o’clock that morning, a man of 54 was operating his 2007 Pontiac going north along Logan St. towards Stanton Ave. when he lost control of his car and crashed into a pole. Police said that there was one 16-year-male whom police did not release the name in public. He was seriously injured and expired around 30 minutes after admittance at the Medical Center of Albert Einstein.

Police suspected the driver, whom they also did not identify, was of driving under the influence. As investigation is on-going, no charges have been filed.

Accident No. 2 – West Philly’s Mill Creek section police reported that at around 3:15 o’clock in the morning, a male senior of about 69 was driving a 2001 Hyundai wildly down Fairmount Ave. adjacent to 49th St. Along the way, he hit at least five cars parked along the side street cars prior to his car halting at Haverford Avenue. For unknown reasons, he must have lost control behind the wheel and expired at around 3:33 o’clock that morning at Philadelphia’s Mercy Hospital. Police said that his identity was not made public pending notification of nearest kin.

Accident No. 3 – Police reported that half an hour following the 2nd  crash, the operator of a brand new Kia 2015 Cadenza was traveling northward along Broad St. near Tioga, when he was just a few yards just outside  of Temple University Hospital, he hit a female pedestrian  who was crossing the street. She was rushed to the Temple Hospital and was fighting for her life for more than three hours before she finally succumbed at 6:00 o’clock that morning. Pending notification of nearest kin, her identity was not released.

The driver of the Kia stayed at the scene and cooperated with authorities; however, investigators believed that a second car also hit the woman and fled from the scene.

Accident No. 4 – Just a few minutes prior to the expiration of the women, there were two more pedestrians fatally injured when a young man for 18, operating a 1998 Honda along Roosevelt Blvd. along the vicinity of Rhawnhurst’s Hartel Ave. in the northbound inner lanes hit a male and a female pedestrians who were running to cross the 12-lane highway. The police reported that the still unidentified male fatality of around 52 years died on the scene; his woman-companion who was about the same age but identity unknown; died a few minutes later after admittance to the Aria Health Hospital at Torresdale.

Police said that the young operator stayed at the scene and cooperated with the police. Authorities stated that the driver was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. He also sustained minor injuries and was treated at HospitalTorresdale.

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Source: Philly Com