Bridgewater – Saturday afternoon was fatal as an accident left one person dead and another seriously injured.

Authorities are conducting an investigation of a car wreck that occurred on Rte. 22 west along North Adamsville Rd. that happened at about 1:00 o’clock Sunday afternoon when the 30-years-old driver from Somerville, lost control of his Ford 2003Mustang while he was trying to change lanes.

The vehicle turned and hit a utility pole and ejected the driver to be ejected from the car.

A passenger in the car was a 34-year-old woman who was rushed to the transported to the University Hospital of Robert Wood in Somerville, where she was pronounced dead after admittance.

The driver was airlifted by the state police helicopter University Hospital of Robert Wood in New Brunswick, where he was treated for critical serious injuries.

Lt. Timothy Hoey of the Township Police said that they are not releasing the IDs of the victims until police are certain all relatives of the two have been informed. Most likely the names will be out by Monday.

The accident is being investigated by the department’s traffic safety bureau and they are requesting witnesses of the crash to contact John Kennedy, a traffic safety officer.

As of today, the victim in a deadly one-car crash along Rte. 22 west on Saturday afternoon is released to the public. The fatality was driver’s sister, Candice Gerwer, age 34, resident of Bethlehem.

The crash took place along west of Route 22 along the North Adamsville Rd, at about 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon of Saturday. Police identified the driver as John Gerwer III, age 30 and a resident of Somerville who for unknown reasons lost control of his Mustang while he was changing lanes after he entered the roadway coming from Ronson Rd.

According to the police, after the vehicle began to spin, it struck a utility pole located in front of America’s Best Value Inn. The driver was thrown from the vehicle. Police said that accident might have been due to the road condition as it was raining and the road was wet; however, police are still investigating the factors causing the crash.

The driver was airlifted by New Jersey State Police Medivac to New Brunswick Robert Wood Johnson Hospital where he was treated for critical neck injuries.

The driver’s sister, Candice Gerwer, was delivered to the Somerset Hospital of Robert Wood Johnson where she expired a few minutes after admittance.

Agencies responding to the scene were: (1) the State Police of New Jersey State – Green Knoll; (2) the Rescue Squad Unit 802 of the Somerset University Hospital of Robert Wood Johnson; (3) the North Branch Fire Departments; and (3) Nos.681 & 682 of the Paramedic Units.

In-charge of the investigation is the Traffic Safety Bureau, Township Police Department in Bridegtown. Police are asking any witnesses of the crash to contact John Kennedy, a traffic safety officer.

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