SEPTA spokesperson reported that said at least 13 people were injured late in Monday afternoon following a SEPTA trolley collision with a car in the vicinity of the city’s Kingsessing section.

Andrew Busch who is SEPTA spokesperson said that Route 11 trolley was traveling west along Woodland Ave. when the accident happened. At around 5:45 o’clock that afternoon, the trolley collided with a passenger vehicle.

The mishap resulted in several injuries. Eleven passengers in the trolley were brought to area hospitals sustaining injuries that are considered non- life-threatening, Busch said that two passenger in the other vehicle were harmed and were delivered to a local hospital. The police are making investigation to discover the cause of the mishap.

The collision between a passenger vehicle and a SEPTA trolley send at least 13 injured people to the hospital. Two passengers in the car were transported to the local hospital while 11 from the trolley collided with a trolley in Southwest Philadelphia. Eleven of the people aboard the trolley at the time of the crash were harmed and were brought to the area hospitals. All those people hospitalized were suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

According to SEPTA spokesperson, the Route 11 trolley was traveling its usual route going west along Woodland Ave. when it crashed with a passenger car that was traveling along the 47th Street.

The police responded to a call involving a wreck that took place at about 5:50 o’clock in the afternoon of Monday.  Passengers from the SEPTA trolley were ferried to their destination by instituted shuttle buses as police conducted their preliminary investigation.

Just a month ago, one victim was transported to a local hospital after a SEPTA Trolley Route 36 crash early Saturday morning in SE Philadelphia.

The mishap took place at 3:30 o’clock in the morning along the intersection of Lindberg Blvd. and South 54th street.

SEPTA officials reported that the accident involved two other cars that for unknown reasons hit the trolley.

A young man of 23 years from one of the cars was injured and delivered to the University Hospital of Pennsylvania. His condition was not disclosed her contact with nearest kin. No person on board the trolley was reported injured. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

SEPTA is the most convenient way to travel around the State of Pa. but it is not immune from accidents. In fact, this summer, two cars collided with a trolley in West Philly that left three passengers on the trolley hurt: two passengers and the driver. Route 15 SEPTA trolley clashed with two vehicles along Girard Ave. and 41st at around 8:40 o’clock that morning.

Due to the crash, passengers were warned of possible delays. TV helicopter hovering above the scene reported that the trolley with two sedans could be seen at one side.

Like other cases, the cause of the wreck remained under investigation.

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