Yesterday, everything was done by the men on 15th Street near Tioga’s Erie Ave. to hoist the Buick 1979 LeSabre away from the little boy’s crashed and broken body after a rampaging car ran over him and pinned him to the street.

One of the Buick’s drivers used a jack to lift the vehicle as the others labored to take off the massive weight of the car off the child.

But the efforts of the Good Samaritans were in vain for the six-year-old boy already died under the brown car. Police said that medics pronounced the child dead at 4:13 o’clock that afternoon. In a tragic accident, the LeSabre driver had hit the boy while he was walking with his mother. Authorities did not identify the juvenile.

Deborah Graves, age 51, who lives on the block, watched the tragedy as her husband joined in lifting the heavy vehicle off the boy. She repeated the comment of the man who jacked the car up that this was something terrible that nobody would ever want to witness. The distraught mother got under the car and told her son to get up.

Graves related that it all happened in an instant. She was inside her residence and heard the commotion at about 4:00 o’clock that afternoon. When she came out, she was horrified by the site. She saw the boy’s small feet sticking out from under the vehicle in the middle of the street. His mother was crawling underneath to take him out. The men were trying to lift the bulky vehicle.

Witnesses reported to the police that the man who was operating the LeSabre was not overspeeding when he hit the boy. Neighbors related that the boy was walking with his mom and sister along the block when for some unknown reasons; he suddenly ran into the street between parked cars and consequently ran over. The police stated that the driver who was not under the influence stopped immediately and tried to help free the boy.

Graves with her neighbor Brandy Broadus, age 28, said that the block is a regular speed way for motorists coming down from busy Erie Ave; it is a source of danger for kids who are playing outside – sometimes in the street. Broadus said that this condition has caused her anxiety at times.

As they neighbors were reflecting on the tragedy, they recalled another scenario of the past when a toddler living in the block who was out of sight from her mother busy inside looking after her other distracted siblings, shuffled to the curb with several oncoming vehicles.

It was timely that just as the little girl was within a few feet of the street, her mother shouted frantically at the child and ran after her.

Graves lamented on the dangers of this time as today’s kids really catch hell.

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Source: Philly Com